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Conservatives, who are pro-Israel, have you heard any news about the air space...?

above Israel? Reportedly, Obama has ordered planes to hover above, but this would prevent Israel from defending itself.


Logic Man: That's terrible. The Israelis have gone through unspeakable things already. I hate it when I hear of more suicide bombings and all that is going on against them.

Update 2:

bluelotus: I tried posting the link 3 times and each time the question was deleted mysteriously. Go to or

Update 3:

Ed: The US has let down Israel terribly in the past. They could have helped them during the Holocaust and chose not to when FDR was president.

Update 4:

bbtalk, this is pretty much of a secret and not what the media would tell you. Get involved with a Christian activist organization and you'll find out things the media won't tell you.

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    GREAT place to find out about this kind of news would be the "trunews" website with Rick Weiss. I download his talkshow on my MP3 regularly. Also, Chuck Missler has alot of information on his web site Koininea House (sp) Just an aside and not pertinent to your question but have you ever read a very fascinating book titled "The Abrahamic Covenant" by e. Raymond Capt? Tiny book and loaded with fascinating information on Israel.

  • I don't know. I've been watching the news today and haven't heard anything like that. Im sure Israelis are allowed to defend themselves, from these terrorists, as they should be.

    Edit - I am sure the media doesn't tell us everything.. you are right. I wasn't implying that you're wrong on that. I've always supported Israel. I don't understand how you can complain about the US when they have helped Israel.. even though it has caused us many problems with other countries. The US has done everything in their power to help Israel. The US helps Israel more than ANY other country... even though we have two wars on our hands.. and are in dept up to the amount of trillions to China. Instead of thanking the US complain?

  • I am Pro-Israel. Sadly, the Obama Administration is the FIRST in American history to say one thing and his actions are very different. I am scared for Israel. I have not heard this, but I would not be surprised. I wish you would post a link so we could check it out. It's very serious if it is true.

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    Israel once engaged in a war game with a US Carrier task force. The US Carrier task force lost.

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