Jobs for Environmental Science majors?

I'm a sophomore in college thinking of switching my major from microbiology to Environmental sciences with a minor in urban planning. I'm really leaning towards switching because I'm less and less okay with the idea of being a "lab rat" for the rest of my life after my internships in the lab and being in graduate school for years and YEARS.

Anyway, what's the job market like for environmental scientists? I plan on obtaining a masters if I switch but I'd like to work for at least a year after having by BS for training (to be a more competitive applicant) and to save money. I live in a city that used to be a big steel town where there is more talk about restructuring the city's faltering economy around things like "green" resources given its position on Lake Erie. I think this will have a great impact on job security in the future, but I don't know how fast or slow this change will be.

How good is the salary for environmental scientists with just a BS versus having a Masters?


I am aware that environmental engineering is a different degree than environmental sciences, which is why I did not ask about it at all. I don't want to be an engineer, environmental or otherwise.

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    There is little demand.

    Are you aware that environmental engineering is where the extreme demand is?

    Two completely different degrees

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    Environmental scientist jobs ought to contain diagnosis, auditing, permiting, making plans, surveying, inspections, or archives accumulating. government is an glaring place to look for environemtal artwork. Environmental consulting is yet another place people bypass with their levels. industry additionally hires people to handle environmental compliance. Graduate levels are actually not needed for those jobs. The environmental field is extremely variable and the huge style and form of jobs would be desperate by ability of your community financial equipment. That ecojobs website can assist you get an concept what an environmental activity is like, even though, maximum of those jobs on that website are for those for those with years of journey in the sphere. get right of entry to point jobs are lots extra tricky to locate. My suggestion is to look for a job now and tailor your classes to in good condition the activity which you rather prefer. Having the superb training on your resume will prepare employers how intense you're of their field. yet another ingredient of undergo in innovations is that Environmental engineers are paid bigger than enviromental scientists even in spite of the incontrovertible fact that the skill point is the comparable.

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