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How do I get to the next chapter on Pottermore?

I have just finished the first chapter on pottermore, and i have found all of the clues, etc from the "new jk. rowling" etc... so how do i get to the next chapter? what else do i have to unlock? what spells, and stuff do i have to complete to move on?

* i have unlocked, diagon alley, gringotts, great hall, common room, spells, potions, trunk, friends and favorites.

there is still one on the far left that is still locked, is that what i need to unlock to move on? if so what is it?

thank you (:

lol i know that was alot!

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    By chapter do you mean the first book? If so then:

    1. They have only put up that one book on the site. You cannot get past there yet, and they are probably not going to add the next book until january but you can still do the potions and duel (its under maintenance right now) while you wait for the next book.

    2. The one on the far left is for "shop" but that is going to stay locked until october when everyone can get in. It is going to have all of the ebooks in there available to purchase.

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