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What running backs should start?

Mojo Drew, Ben Tate, Ryan Matthews, Fred Jackson, Mark Ingram or Daniel Thomas? I am thinking Maurice Jones-Drew, Matthews and Tate but I want to start Jackson kind of as well. Also should I pick up Starks and if so who do I drop? I might be able to get Grant if this guy drops him like he said. What should I do fellas? Thanks ahead.

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    Yah I'd want to start MJD, Tate, Matthews and Jackson as well. It's tough to bench one of them. I would go with MJD and Matthews for sure. You don't wanna bench your stud, and Matthews had a great matchup. I'd probably role with Jackson then. I see the Saints getting ahead early and the Texans passing a lot.

    Good Luck

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    jones-drew, fred jackson, and ryan mathews. Drop ingram for starks, don't get grant

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