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Why couldn't the states respond to these crisis? Balanced Budget, falling taxes revenue?

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  • 10 years ago
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    the state crises, are a result of the national crises and the bad national policies.

    the national economy is in crisis as a result of bad national policies, the national budget is in trouble also due to the same......and since the politicians refuse to solve the national problems, the states are left holding the bag in many ways...and now are forced to impose draconian measures just to survive. If the goal of national policies was to force cuts in spending in govt due to fallin revenues, its being exectuted brillinatly. Its called starve the beast. It can be argued that the national politicans purposely wrecked the economy and the national budget to force a crisis and now are forcing solutions which match their ideology as the purported solutions. This is a common tactic of nefarious people with nefarious ideologies...remember ..Hitler burned the Reichstag and then proceeded to seize control of germany to "protect" the people from the very crisis he created. Anyone like the poster here who is glad this is happening actually is glad to see the country and its citizens suffering..and they are glad to see service cuts anywhere from less train and bus routes to less discounts for seniors to less help for the destitute, to less repair of roads and highways, and the firing of teachers and other state workers....its kind of a twisted view of the world they have...they brag..oh the con states are doing better...and oh..the lib states are suffering....well..what they wont say is the red states are typical worse off anyway and they are way poorer states..they never could afford much anyway in terms of services...they are saying...see...less money for nice things..aint that lovely!! and they are doing back flips as the country becomes more and more like a third world society.

    I see it clearly.

  • 10 years ago

    They could.

    But states with Republican governors and/or Republican controlled legislatures simply won't do anything to increase revenues and, despite rhetoric to the contrary, don't care about balanced budgets.

    See, to the righties "raising revenues" means having richer folks and wealthy corporations pay a bit more in taxes. Since those two groups have bribed the GOP to not do so........

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    SOme have. Conservative states survive the recession better then the liberal ones. The liberal states are whining that conservative states are stealing their businesses.

    Part of the problem is the housing crisis, that the state can't fix.

    more to come.

    Clinton pumped our economy with borrowed money. he lowered interest rates and convince people to buy homes causing a huge increase in housing values and an increase building of homes. People saw their home increase and was tricked to thinking it was real and borrowed money from their home to buy crap. The increase production also caused a future glut in homes. The lower interest rate was pared with a higher inflation rate. CLinton convince people to take their money from the bank and put it in stock market but lied on how the stocks work

    Stock profit has to come from somewhere and it comes from someone elses pocket. SO stock profits comes from stock loses in the future.

    we are still in a stock bubble, and it's hard to create a soft landing. And we still have a housing glut. In California, we are saved by CHinese buying up our proerty, but we are hurt because import/ export is down and we are heavily dependent on trade.

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