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Why is Cannabis so High in THC today?

In the 60's and 70's people used to smoke Weed but back then it was not as high in THC as it is today.

Why is it that most Cannabis smoked in the UK has alot more THC than back in the golden age?

Is it because most of the stuff is made indoors and has alot of light?

Also im going to Amsterdam next year, what Strains are LOW in THC?

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    They are interbreeding it to make it stronger and destroying the high we used to enjoy so. Now people sit around like zombies on the stuff, and much of it is laced with horse tranquillizers and other nasty things. They also are seeming to irradiate it to destroy the seeds so people can't grow their own.

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    Well actually its not that THC levels have changed its just that its easier for people to get there hands on higher grade product these days

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    Yes better growing conditions and better science. Probably much better strains created

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    same reason oranges are bigger today than in the 60s and 70s pesticides, chemicals, new growing technologies, etc.

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