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Project ideas for the book 'Shiver' By Maggie Stiefvater?

I have an English project due Monday and I need some ideas. We are supposed to have a visual for the book the we chose to read and my book is about wolves. What would be a good visual?

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    If you have time you could do a paper cutting based on the book trailers the author created:

    Shiver (Book 1):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Linger (Book 2):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Forever (Book 3):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Just use scrapbook paper. Or if you live in an area where the trees are turning, you could collect yellow leaves from the scene where Sam takes Grace into the woods and tells her about how they communicate (or make fake ones out of paper if all the leaves are still green).

    If you're allowed to bring food you could always bring hot chocolate and explain why it's important (not just the scene it's used in, but why Sam has to stay warm).

    Good luck!

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