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Should I leave home for a University with my dream program, or stay at home & attend a Uni here? Money issues?

Okay, here's my dilemma. It's a little long, but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you could read it and offer some advice :)

I live in Ottawa, and there are two Universities here that I could go to:

Carleton or Ottawa U.

I want a degree in International Studies.

There are two programs at Ottawa U for that, but there are flaws or thing I don't like about them.

1. International Development and Globalization: The program seems great.. however, it focuses more on developing countries and globalization, and I want to study everything about other countries and international relations.

2. International Studies and Modern Languages: In this program, you need to learn a third language (2nd being French, but I'm already fluent so I wouldn't have to take the courses for it). I loved that, but then I found out they don't offer the language I want. I REALLY want to learn Korean. It's a big part of my whole life dream/goal. Sure, I could take Chinese or Japanese, but I don't want to force myself to study a language that I really don't actually want to do or that I'm not passionate about. And I KNOW this is horribly pretentious sounding, but I feel like the program doesn't sound that impressive.

In Carleton, there's the Public Affairs and Policy Management -> International Studies degree. It sounds okay... I've just never been keen on Carleton, though. I've heard worse things about it compared to Ottawa U. And the major factor is that they don't offer any exchanges to South Korea.

It's my dream to go to Korea, and it's my plan to go there to study for my 3rd year. I HAVE to go. I just have to.

Ottawa U offers exchanges to lots of Universities in Korea.

I never considered other Universities, mainly because I'll be starting University at 17 and I wouldn't feel ready to move out at ALL. I feel too young. Also, I wouldn't be able to afford it. I'm paying for 90% of my University fees.

A few days ago, I decided to look into other Universities for fun.

Then, I came across the International Studies program at York University, in Toronto.

It's honestly PERFECT.

My heart was honestly racing when I looked at this program.. It was my dream program.

The courses are great and all sound interesting. They offer Korean language courses as well, and have exchanges with other Universities in Korea.

It's EVERYTHING I wanted in my dream International Studies program. It's perfect.

I've never felt inclined to leave home before this. I still don't really want to leave home.. I feel too young. I'm prepared in every other way.. I can take care of myself. I can cook perfectly like an adult can, I'm independent, I can clean.. etc. My parents have raised my sister and I to take care of ourselves and not be completely useless once we leave home.

But.. I just don't want to leave home yet. I feel really mature at times, but deep down I still feel like I'm just a kid. But I want to attend this program SOO bad.

I've never been keen on Toronto, either. Of course, I could suck it up and adapt (which I'm good at, considering I'm a military brat and have moved around a few times).

The issue is also money.

By the time University starts, I'll have about $6000 saved. I plan on getting a scholarship, and if I get a 90% average, I'll have 2000$ a year from the York Entrance Scolarships.

The thing is, the total costs will be about $18000 - $20000.

Sure, I can get student loans. But the bank, considering my parent's income and all, will only loan up to $10,000 to me (even though my parents aren't paying for my university much.. and when they do, it'll be later [it's invested in stocks, they want it to grow more]). I'm not sure if that's per year or in total.

I plan on applying for any scholarship +bursary I can get my hands on, but it's risky. I haven't done any outstanding community involvement or anything. I've always had good grades (mid-high 80s.. going for 90s this year), but that's often not enough.

So WHAT do I do??

Do I save money and just attend a program that I'm just settling for, not truly happy with, or do I attend my dream program that guarantees me to be broke as sh*t once I graduate, and when I'm not even that keen on moving out?

I also want to start a family fairly early (I refuse to have kids past 29). That won't happen if I'm in HUGE debt from University.

I'm just so confused right now. Any advice, personal stories, etc, would be appreciated.

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    9 years ago
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    i totally understand you! if you are 17 and if u r not feeling ready then u r not ready! u dont have to go this year! there are lots of scholarships to complete your whole university in kore u know? annual korean government scholarship! why not take 1 year break and think about what u want to do. spend some time with your family cause belive me, u will need strong memories with your family. u can study korean yourself and give TOPİK or KLPT they both test how good your korean is. and if you pass them with level 4 it will be a huge advantage. be patient and think what u really want. cause studying something u want or studying somewhere u want will no make u happy. plus u will be away from your family. i have a 3 years old brother and i just dont want to go ^^ search for opportunities. talk with your parents. u r really really young. buy some books from amazon to learn korean or just a book store :P but before do that do some research ok? korean government scholarship i,s the best option for you cause it covers everything! tuition exam fees monthly stippend etc. and if you dont have topik level 5 or high u can learn korean for a year before starting your lessons. it would be great cause if you only learn korean u would be free most of the time and trvael with your stippend to learn more about korea! if u want more advice e mail me on ok?

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  • 3 years ago

    Just read a booklet watching the exact same booklet that is made into that movie. A couple of details in a book that we take for granted watching a movie. We do not have the sense of smell or color our minds can create.

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