I have been bitten by bedbugs, can I use normal insect repellent to kill them?

I live in Barcelona and it's difficult to find special bed bug sprays, would a strong repellent applied correctly do the trick? I have read a lot about it on line and realise they are very difficult to exterminate but wanted some feedback from people who have had this problem. What did you do to solve it? I recently came back from holiday where I had been bitten by bed bugs in a hostel, and two weeks after arriving home, have just discovered a couple of new bites. I think I brought them with me even although I took measures to clean/spray my suitcase and clothes the minute I got back. As it is very recent I think only my room has been affected and no others, but I live in a shared flat so want to make sure to kill them quickly. I plan to buy a strong repellent (whatever I can find locally in Barcelona) and thoroughly spray all nooks and crannies around the bed, mattress, everywhere, wash all clothes/bedding, put in dryer to high heat, and hoover everywhere carefully after leaving the spray for an hour or two. Will this work?


oops, meant to say I used an 'insecticide' not repellent! When I got bitten at first I didn't know they were bed bugs and just thought they were mosquito bites. On the last night in the hostel I found one in my bed at night and killed it. I suspected it might be a bed bug but had no idea they could be so big. On my way home from the airport I bought the insecticide and when home went straight out onto my terrace, sprayed everything and carefully put all my clothes in the washing machine. It was then that I looked it up on the internet, saw pictures, that I knew for sure what they were.

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    ''normal insect repellant''... no.... that's a repel, not a kill...... that you 'sprayed' the clothes and suitcase was good, unless you again had a 'repellant' in hand!.... in that case, they were not killed.....

    read here...


    the use of vacuum, steam cleaner and diatomaceous earth is a good combination.... and safer for you... people have DIED from over use of real pesticides in their bedroom and inhaling the stuff all night every night!!... so stay away from them as long as possible!!.... encase your bed in a bedbug mattress protector after treating the mattress by steam cleaning all the seams first, then after it's dry, rub in diatomaceous earth, then encase the whole mattress..... put the legs of the bed into cups of diatomaceous earth so that if they intend to climb up, they'll have to walk thru the DE first!... certain death!!!.... do lots of steaming and vacuuming all around the room.....and use the DE liberally.... I have ants... and I put the stuff along the baseboards, in the corners, in the window wells, anywhere the little beggars might think to come inside!!... and it has been working!.... so use it!!. it's cheap, safe around kids and pets and you, too, as long as you don't fluff it in the air and breathe it in!!.... wear a mask if you think you might get too wild with it!!!.... good luck... keep after them!!....

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    9 years ago

    Bed bugs are immune to regular sprays. There are bed bug sprays available now. Knowing that you got bitten you should never have brought your clothes and suitcase back into your flat. You should have thrown it all away after pouring bleach onto the clothing and the suitcase so that no one would use any of it. You may need to let your land lord know if you see any more or get more bites. Good luck.

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  • 9 years ago

    Regular spray will not kill bed bugs.

    It takes a spray that has cidercide in it and a spray like Ortho Home Defense spray that's made to kill bed bugs.

    Asking someone in a store there for something that will kill bed bugs will help.

    Mattress covers for the mattress and the springs will protect them.

    Rubbing alcohol will kill them. Making a spray with it will kill them on contact but will not get rid of the bugs.

    Source(s): Good luck. http://www.badbedbugs.com
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  • 9 years ago

    You need to wash absolutely everything. Your clothes your suitcase your sheets, mattress. You may need to hire someone to orossionally clean your carpets.

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