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敏琳 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago

A successful scientist should

A successful scientist should be......(five answers)

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Inquisitive [好追根究底]– They possess an inquisitive mind. In their mind, they always ask the questions: ~ What? Why? How?

    2. Innovative [創新的] - Being observant, they are conscious of what is happening around. They adopt a scientific approach in problem solving. They always come up with new ideas, so they design innovative experiments to test their hypothesis. They systematically and methodically test a theory against what is known as facts. In certain way, they are also critical thinkers and don’t take things at their face value.

    3. Perseverance [不屈不撓毅力] – They are hard-working and patient. They are not afraid of failure. They work with single-minded determination to keep on trying to achieve something in spite of great difficulties.

    4. Well-educated [良好教育與訓練] - They have insatiable desire and great intellectual capacity to learn. Besides having first-class education, they are usually trained to do innovative research under supervision of an excellent mentor. [名師出高徒]

    5. Truthful [誠實, 忠於真理] – Having desire to know the truth about things, they develop a lifelong passion for investigating and experimenting. They are honest in recording and reporting experimental data and take a stand on what they believe is true. (~ unlike some lawyers, politicians and businesspeople nowadays). They are willing to listen to other peers who have different opinion from theirs. Successful scientists study counter argument or experimental evidence carefully before drawing any conclusion. Above all, they have the courage to admit a mistake if it is proven scientifically wrong at that time.

    總括上述五點, 我想一個 successful scientist 應該持有. 以上純是個人意見,

    2011-09-25 08:33:38 補充:

    Hi, 敏琳:

    其際,你可以參考獲得物理,化學,醫學諾貝爾獎各得主, 看看他們有什麼共通處

    Source(s): Longman English Dictionary, Internet, friends and me
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    9 years ago

    1. able to make observation

    2. able to make hypothesis

    3. able to do experiments repeatedly until he / she succeeds

    4. able to make conclusion from the results of the experiments

    5. intelligent and creative

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