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My favorite country is Germany. That is the place which Iam born in. I live in there until eight years old.


There preschool would not any course, in that children can do whatthey want to do. There support any kinds of thing for you to play. Live in Germanyis very happy.


After on elementary school, I remembered that one day would snow,then teacher lead us to play the snow. After playing teacher make the hot tea forus. That feel very pleasure and warm.


Germany is beautiful. Toward the outside looked in my family's house thatcan see the Rhine River. And can also see horseand cow nearby the Rhine River.

德國還有許多特別的玩偶或玩具,在那裡最流行的玩偶(我有點連中文都不知道要怎麼形容,有點像香蕉先生那樣,不是什麼卡通人物,布過是個很夯的人物)它的名子叫diddle mouse,所有的德國人都有diddle mouse的玩偶或diddle mouse的便條紙或其他周邊產品Germany has many uncommon doll and toy, and is most popular character named“diddle mouse”. All Germans have diddle mouse puppet, diddle mouse paper or otherrelate goods.


Living in Germanycan go to neighbor country travel by car.


In a word, living in Germanyis very happy.

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    *My favorite country is Germany. That is the place where I was born. I lived there until eight years old.

    參考: Germany is my favorite country because I was born there. I lived there until eight years old.

    2) 那裡的幼稚園沒有任何的課程,小朋友在那裡能做自己想做的事情,那裡提供了各種設施或用具,在德國生活很快樂

    *The preschool there didn’t have any teaching classes. Children could do whatever they wanted to do. The school furnished all kinds of equipments or appliances. The life in Germany was very happy. 這應該講作者在德國生活情形, 因此用過去式。would not any course. Would是助動詞,不是動詞,須有動詞have. 但would有將什麼意思,此處不需would., whatever是anything that(任何他們想做之事).

    3) 上了小學後,我記得有天下雪,老師帶著我們去玩雪,玩完雪後還泡熱茶給我們喝,那感覺快樂又溫暖

    *Then, when I was in elementary school, I remembered that one day it’s snowing and teacher led us to play the snow. After playing teacher made tea for us. The feeling was so joyful and warming, I always remember.

    4)德國很漂亮,從我家往外看能看到萊茵河,萊茵河旁的草原還會有馬跟牛 *Germany is very beautiful. Looking outside from my family’s house, I could see the Rhine River. I could also see some horses and cows walking on the grassland alongside Rhine River.

    5)德國還有許多特別的玩偶或玩具,在那裡最流行的玩偶(我有點連中文都不知道要怎麼形容,有點像香蕉先生那樣,不是什麼卡通人物,布過是個很夯的人物)它的名子叫diddle mouse,所有的德國人都有diddle mouse的玩偶或diddle mouse的便條紙或其他周邊產品

    *Germany also has many special stuffed doll or toys. The most popular is named “diddle mouse”. Nearly all Germans will own a diddle mouse puppet or a diddle mouse paper, or other relative (related) goods.


    *When living in Germany, you can also drive to the neighbor countries like The Netherlands, so on. (when living in Germany, you can also visit the neighbor countries simply by car, such as The Netherlands, so on.)

    7)總之,住在德國很幸福 In a word, living in Germanyis very happy. *in summary, living in Germany is very happy.

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    was born in Germany and lived there until I was eight years old. Germany is my favorite country. The pre-school there do not have any classes. The children are allowed to do what they wish to do and support is provided. It's great to live in Germany

    When I was in elementary school, I remember one day it was snowing and the teacher took us out to play in the snow. Afterwards, the teacher made hot tea for all the kids. It was a happy and warm feeling.

    Germany is beautiful. From my house, you can see the Rhine river and the cows and horses grazing in the pasture along the river bank.

    Germany have lots of toys and play things. The most popular character doll is the "Diddle mouse". From stationery to puppets, all Germans own some sort of Diddle Mouse merchandise.

    When you live in Germany, you can drive to its neighboring countries such as Holland.

    All in all, living in Germany is very wonderful.

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    beginning should have an I.

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    I seem unable to understand the language from Deutschland.

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