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Ever wonder why health care, energy and other costs are so high? How about why we really go to war?

US Chamber of Commerce $770,655,680

American Medical Assn $252,037,500

General Electric $251,940,000

AARP $207,432,064

Pharmaceutical Rsrch & Mfrs of America $204,433,920

American Hospital Assn $203,648,736

Blue Cross/Blue Shield $169,655,236

National Assn of Realtors $166,150,553

Northrop Grumman $164,845,253

Exxon Mobil $163,512,742

Verizon Communications $158,014,841

Edison Electric Institute $154,005,999

Business Roundtable $150,550,000

Boeing Co $147,884,310

Lockheed Martin $142,374,763

AT&T Inc $126,449,336

Southern Co $124,130,694

General Motors $121,899,170

PG&E Corp $119,190,000

Pfizer Inc $114,757,268

U.S. Chamber of Congress is a group of Businesses.


Bet you thought your Representatives were representing you.


This is how much these lobbyists are paying your Politicians.

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    Yes, I know. Health care costs are high because of government intervention starting back in the 1970's when Ted Kennedy led the charge to create HMO's and drastically changed the laws requiring insurance companies to include all kinds of coverage in policies that they never had to cover before. Examples are things like, drug rehab, Mental Health issues and "preventative medicine". Believe it or not the "good intentions" of the Democrats was to save money by having healthier people. The decided that if regular doctor's office visits were free or nearly free, money would be saved by having people receive regular care preventing serious illness. However, like so many well intentioned Democrat mandates, what really occurred is that people began to show up in the doctor's office when they really didn't need to. This overloaded the doctors and that plus all the piles of paperwork required for the insurance companies resulted in a serious degradation of the quality of care.

    I am old enough to remember so heed my words. Before HMO's we paid for our own doctor visits and prescriptions. Our medical insurance or "hospitalization" insurance paid for any serious injury or disease that required hospital care. You see health insurance isn't health care. Health insurance, like any other kind of insurance, is a financial planning tool. What it provides is protection against catastrophic loss. There were plenty of neighborhood doctors in family practice. They competed with each other for patients. There wasn't any third party paperwork involved so doctors didn't need all kinds of clerical staff. This allowed us to strike deals with our doctors. We had a large family and my dad negotiated a discounted rate by agreeing to use one doctor exclusively for all of our care. As a valued customer, he was also able to arrange a payment plan when my sister got rheumatic fever and required a lot of out patient care. In fact, the doctor even came to our house to treat my sister. That was called a house call.

    Get the Government out of the health care business and let the free market do what it does best; provide goods and services people want and need at fair market prices.

    We really go to war because America opposes evil. I love the Chamber of Commerce. I love Businesses. Businesses do good things. They create a lot of wealth. The provide a lot of employment. They provide a high standard of living and a large degree of convenience to our lives.

    Business lobby primarily out of self defense. If the don't, Congress has a nasty habit of passing legislation that negatively impacts businesses who don't contribute. Just look at what the Clinton Justice Department led by Janet Reno did to Microsoft. Gates never lobbied and never contributed to any political party. That is, until Reno nearly ruined his company. Several billion dollars worth of defense and even Bill Gates saw the light. Oh, he contributes now, you better believe he does.


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    I'm sure that corporations will donate even more to Obama now that they know he is corrupt as hell. Or it may go the other way around. They may donate much more to Republicans to get rid of him. Not sure how they will play this. Starbucks CEO has a group of corporations who won't donate to anybody until they start fixng the current situation which is choking all businesses at thiis time unless they are partnered with this administration.

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    Obama's fundraising goal for the 2012 campaign is $1 BILLION. That's more in one year than your 13 year totals. What does that tell YOU?

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    You can almost see the 'politicians'' wires.

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    No, no no and no.

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