all of PTC site are scam? lot of PTC site is active at online. they offer pay to view commercial. r they real?

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  • Jake
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    8 years ago
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    I haven't dealt with them but it's evident that someone is getting victimized. If people pay to show ads on their sites that others are paid to click, it's not realistic to expect many sales to come out of it.

    It's said that webmasters employ PTC sites to generate illegitimate clicks on pat per click banner ads placed on their site, while the clicker might earn 4 cents, the advertiser may be losing a couple of dollars paying for unproductive visitors.

    Watch out for the ones claiming to pat $1 or even more for every click, they typically don't pay out until 1000 clicks are reached, which you can bet 1000 is somehow never reached, these ridiculous offers appeal to the greedy, gullible worker.

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