What title would be given?

A character in the book my friend is writing has a character who is the daughter of the second born son of a king (which is duke I think) however the older brother (grand duke) has no children and has named her his succesor. Is she a duchess or grand duchess


http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_duke ok a grand duke isn't just some title given willy nilly. Idc if wiki isn't 100 precent accurate its about as much as encyclipedia britannica

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    The son of a king isn't a duke, it's a prince. Duke and duchess have no real meaning. They were simply titles that were bought by the wealthy in a kingdom in order to give them some measure of entitlement, and to add more wealth to the kingdoms coffers.

    The second born son of a king is a prince, as is the first born son. The daughter of a prince is a princess. There is no "grand" this or that in the title, nor would there be if they happened to be dukes or duchesses. There is only the number of their place in line for succession to the title of king or queen.

    edit: Wikipedia isn't as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica (note the correct spelling of the word "encyclopedia"). People who work for the Encyclopedia Britannica get paid for doing their job and the research and editing that goes with it, so they have something to lose if they get it wrong. Not so with those making entries in Wikipedia. People should not use Wikipedia as their one and only source of information. It is far from reliable. And try doing some actual historical research.

    Duke and duchess titles weren't just given willy nilly. They cost a lot of money and only the very rich could afford them. If they were given willy nilly then buying the title wouldn't be worth anything.

    The place you find the title of duke and duchess that weren't paid for is in empires, not kingdoms. The head of those empires were the Emperor and Empress, not King and Queen.

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