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Would you ever take an ex back who ended things with you?

MY ex who is now saying he is gay, wanted me back last september. i was with someone and told him no. i told him to leave me alone, and i just stopped talking to him. i was sick of his games. But now we are friends, and he is dating someone else. I still love him and am not completely over him but did I make the right choice in telling him no? Is it good that I told him no? and do you think it made him respect me more?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well he is obviously confused if he cannot figure out what sex he likes. Honestly I never date person twice. I figure I gave them one chance and if they screw it up then its over. I think you need to get over this guy and focus on someone new. I think you did make the right choice by saying no. Because you were with someone at the time, that person was there and he was not. He was the one who ended it with you. When he asked you out again and you saying "No." showed and proved that you can stand your ground and not go running back into his arms. Plus he is dating someone else so he is obviously over you...unless he comes back to you after him and the other person breaks up. Then you'll see that he was just using you as a rebound.

    Source(s): I've dated stupid guys.
  • 10 years ago

    Your over thinking it. Don't worry about the past more on the future. Nothing comes out of what ifs except headaches. If you really want t o know what he thinks just ask him. But watch out for that slippery slope.

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