How does the brain work? (Funny answers encouraged)?

How does our human brain work? I don't actually care what the answer is if you can make me laugh.

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  • 9 years ago
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    So basically you have your happy-a*s brain, just chilling in your head, and it's cool as hell because it's telling you to do things. It sends and receives electrical impulses to-and-from the rest of your damn body, so that you can see and hear and feel, and punch people in the damn face.

  • 9 years ago

    Basically in your brain you have these bros called cells. These mootherfucckers sit at there little desk all day pen n paper in hand, all they do is write down any shiit that goes down in your life. When you remember something it's just these pricks looking back in the archives. Sometimes you get a few bad apples who think it's fun to rip and shred other peoples writing papers up, these are what we call "thugs" and this explains why you forget things. If you feel violated or angery at them you simply smoke some pot, effectively killing off SOME these cells, all the while teaching the others a vital lesson, dont fuuuck with you.

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