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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 10 years ago

How'd you know PCH is real?

I've been checking out Publishers Clearing House on facebook, and found that the very ones who come to people doors to award prizes can be located there. the PCH facebook page allows you to play their FREE games, and you can post comments to the pch workers who handle our online post of questions about the games, which sweepstakes is which, when certain ones start and end and lots of other information that keeps their REALNESS somehow hidden from still way too many us.

the Prize Patrol; Dave Sayer, Todd, Danielle and Nat can all be found there. they love to respond when we post on their page. Plenty of the pch fans post all the time about what sweepstakes they have, their games, winning tokens, and keeping up with the many huge BIG checks pch is giving out to their sweeps winners.

I know that Publishers Clearing House is real, and their opportunity to win big is real, and EASY. I honestly wanna know. Tell me, what does it take for you to know Publishers Clearing House is real and your chance to be a winner FOR FREE is real too? you click once a day online for over three different sweeps with no charge. you gotta pay a dollar for each lottery ticket you buy and you gotta leave your house to go and get it. It’s getting ready to get cold out, so clicking to win is too easy to pass up.

yep, that simple, and NO you never pay to collect your winnings, AND you don't even have to leave home to play once a day if that's all you got time for. No, they don't flood your email either with stuff. I actually get my sweeps in my email each day so I click from there if I can't get to my facebook page until later.

if you are ever told to pay for your winnings THAT'S A SCAM, and don't do it. PCH facebook workers tells us that ALL the time. So what's keeping you from finding and clicking the “-Like- “ on PCH facebook? Really, what?

yep, I didn't always believe they were out money, going to people's doors, have fun games, and I expected it to come with all kinds of complicated stuff. I hate dealing with complicated ANY THING! PCH keeps it so simple that winning for me was stunning. It was sooo simple. Clicking each day online? That’s it? more simple than buying a lottery ticket. Somehow if we don't have to work really hard for something we DON'T believe we can have it. I click it and forget-it. If I win really big one day it will come as a surprise, like it's supposed to. I'm just glad I'm not throwing away dollars trying to win a major check. I mean really, a dollar a day is still $30 dollars a month.

Who passes up a FREE chance to win? You can't get mad if you don't win in a weeks-time, or 50 bucks in a month times, or maybe 100 dollars in a years-time. Why? Because you haven't LOST any money, you're only taking a shot at gaining big money. I played the lotto enough to say I helped make a lot of jackpot winners RICH. I ani't got money like that, really, so since I wanna play for big money, I gotta play smart. yep, I do it within my pocket range. NO MONEY DOWN, dream big, and have as much a chance to become a millionaire as any of the other players. Times are hard, so I do pch, how come you don't?

Click it and see if what I’m saying is so….I let my friends for years convince me not to play…don’t miss your chance to at least TRY IT. check out Dave yourself with his PCH blog on facebook, and I hope to see you there my new PCH friend:


PCH isn't harder to win, because when so many people play the games, YOUR CHANCES are what they are in "all" the games of random opportunity, so for those who like to "try their luck" PCH is better because you take bread from the table to play it. it doesn't make your chances of winning better, but it makes your chances of being broke while you play...not happen on account of playing. It works knowing that YOU CAN'T LOSE money you "already have" when playing pch. why? because you can play for free, right?

you lose every time you PAY to play other lottery games, and win nothing in return. with pch you lose nothing with only the chance to WIN BIG! at the end of the day you may be like, "awww man" about not winning at that time, but you still have what you had in your pocket when you first started to play, and you can play again if your're up for the big fun of chance.

nobody should go broke reaching for hope. nobody. PCH is a chance for anyone to at least throw their hat into the rin

Update 2:

opps I was trying to say: PCH is better because you DON'T take bread from the table to play it. {sorry}

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  • pdq
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    10 years ago
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    It's preposterous to think that PCH isn't real.

    Of course it's even more preposterous to think that you'll EVER win anything from them. The PowerBall & Mega Millions jackpots are virtually impossible to win - even if you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime trying to win. Guess what? PCH is even harder to win. WAY harder!

  • 6 years ago

    I got a check for $10.00 from them BUT since then I have racked up 700.00 worth of debt from buying. I like the items that I have purchase but note is PCH real or not? I stop buying and now I'm just waiting to see who will hit it big or not. With any game, you have to play to win...right! Could be you or me. It's all about chance. If am not the winner and I'm looking at 700.00 in debt. I purchase what I wanted, low monthly payments and I cannot complain and the funny thing about this I was proud to cash the little check b/c the bank tailor scream out YOU ARE THE 1ST THAT EVER WON SOMETHING FROM THEM!!! To my knowledge I just smiled b/c I do honestly believe I am. If I do win. I want that 5 min. of fame to tell the world never stop believing, dreams do come true. Best of luck to each one of you...

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    {smiling} ... because it's the opportunity of the "joyous possibility" to win, and the real pleasure of jumpstarting your ability to dream again beyond where you are. PCH is a "reach" and most have lost the heart to do so because life can be so cruel. there are so many things in this world that we discover [the hard way] that can never-ever be. it heals the heart to at least know something as wonderful as "Opportunity" wherever it may be, can still be embraced by us, even if the results don't turn in our favor, I say it is the GIFT of opportunity that we come to love long after we've experienced PCH. it's what you carry away with you from PCH in your life for years to come, and what might that be? it's understanding that opportunity WILL knock in all of our lives, that the "Angels" could be anyone showing up at anytime in your life, and certainly you don't have to STOP living your daily life for fear that you will be missed. PCH is real and so is what you can learn from your experience with them. {smiling} it's simple really: it's learning to live "while" reaching, and surely you cannot go unblessed. when it comes to YOUR life, some "wins" are just waaaaay "TOO BIG" for even PCH to deliver, so they arrive however they must.

  • 6 years ago

    There is probably alot of speculation goin on with that can a company actually afford to hand out all of these thousands of dollars so often? All I guess I can say is that I have hope that perhaps I can win, and if I do not, then well I guess I don't.

  • 6 years ago

    I'm starting not to believe anymore on PCH. The people they advertised that won were sometime ago. There are no new winners in the past ten years or more. Products ordered were not receive but they send bill statements to pay it. It is unfortunate but I started not to order anymore. Winning dates they published are not true.

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    Pch Free Games

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    Pch Facebook

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    I.think it is All Just a Game mind show me cinvience me other wise Hurley Jefferson

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