If I inform myself too much about sex, will it not be special anymore?

I have been reading about it, how to use protection, the possible consequences, and various other things to be prepared. If I inform myself too much and too often, will the first time with someone I like not be as awesome?

I've had sex before, just not with someone I loved.

I feel like it's losing its mystique with all the information I'm processing o.o


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  • 9 years ago
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    Informing yourself definitely wouldn't be the cause of deflating your sexual experiences. It depends on your perception, the person you are with, your chemistry with the person and the emotional side of it. Clinical information about the act of intercourse is separate to personal experience. It would only effect you having sex if you choose to apply your clinical knowledge to the actual experience which there isn't really any need for. Its not difficult to take precautions without killing the mood. If having too much information resulted in killing sexual pleasure then people 25 years and over would have no hope of a good sex life as you gather knowledge and wisdom throughout your lifetime and experiences. If anything wisdom only enriches things.I think the only real answer to this is that if in any way or for any reason (e.g feel being too informed will ruin it) you feel uncomfortable about having sex. Then dont have sex until you do feel good about it, the world wont end, you wont fall apart. there is plenty of time to have sex.

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    4 years ago

    I too have found this style of endeavor, and I have made a factor to get to grasp a few those individuals, simply to determine what makes them tick. The factor I have observed in typical with a lot of these individuals is they had been those that had been persecuted for his or her sexual orientation essentially the most. They had been really ordinarily raped, overwhelmed and probably even disowned via loved ones and peers, and incurred gigantic losses of their lives considering that of this. The train at paintings here's whatever referred to as cultural inversion. A organization of individuals is given a name that's used to shun them, to the factor wherein they're made not to are compatible in with average society. So the organization pretty much creates their possess sub-organization or sub-tradition, wherein this time period isn't just applicable, however this can be a signal of greatness inside that organization. The phrase Pimp is honestly an instance of this. So inside this sub-tradition, matters like being loud and proud approximately their sexuality could obviously take that path. A man or lady who has been referred to as fag or dike all their lives could desire to brazenly profess to being one, and can do matters reminiscent of making out in an overly public position, to the factor wherein its a spectacle, or a man who acts loud and obnoxious in an overly "homosexual" manner in public for the identical awareness. Essentially, its them pronouncing to the sector, and in outcome, pronouncing to the individuals who persecuted them, "Hey, seem at me, you cant quit me from being this fashion!" I could examine endeavor like this to the guys in Afghanistan who had been going out into the streets and shaving their beards off publicly while the taliban were pushed off. The nice option to quit any one who's creating a spectacle of themselves is to only forget about them. I am desirous about being happy with who you're, however that does not imply you need to be obnoxious approximately it.

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