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AP US Gov't & Politics essay questions?

1) Describe the constitutional arrangements that make it hard for the federal government to act.

3) Identify the two major differences between the Old and New Systems of politics in the United States.


why the hell would i make up questions like these? i copy and pasted them from an online study guide, i even forgot to change the "3" in the second question to "2". and if they make no sense how the **** do i answer them

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    You're joking. THAT is on an AP test?

    Man, they must have heard "no child left behind" and thought that meant we needed to bury the bar so everyone can walk over it, then carried a couple kids over anyway.

    Well I can't help you very much. "Old System" and "New System" are meaningless without the context of the source material. What I can say for certain, is that if those are real test prep questions you copied down accurately, your test is simply a reading comprehension test. Which means, if you read this:

    then you pass AP history and get college credit. Set aside an evening and read it slowly, as if it were a book you enjoy.

    E: Took another look at that first question. It's still really fishy, but unlike the other one, it at least can be answered with independently verifiable information. So I'll give it a shot.

    It's basically a weird way of phrasing "checks and balances". Actually, "scary" would be a better word than "weird". I'd imagine whoever asked that question laughing malevolently while penning the USAPATRIOT act and waterboarding their own kids to toughen them up. But in a nutshell, the Federal Government can't act as a single body unless the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial all agree on something. That means if someone working for the executive, say, decides to just take all your stuff and destroy half of it because you're obviously a filfthy criminal in his view, someone working for the Judicial branch will not allow him to use any of your stuff as evidence (and the police officer's higher ups in the police department probably won't be to thrilled either, although heirarchies for cabinet departments and government corporations aren't specified in the Constitution).

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Joe, did you think these up all by yourself?

    They make no sense.

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