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Question about how to make a fragrance?

Well I have this tincture so to say. Gathered honeysuckle, and soaked it in alcohol 100 proof. (standard tincture)

But, interested it just using some for a fragrance spray, like a cologne or perfume.

I notice it smells good when atomized, yet, the smell doesn't linger as long as I'd like it to.

How can I get it to linger?

*Once, did the same thing with lavender, but added olive oil to the tincture recipe, just about a tea-table spoon. Intended for fragrance spray. The oil separates from the rest of the mixture, but if shook well and then sprayed, it smells good, and the smell seems to linger.

I think the oil helps it linger.

But I don't know, this is all still new to me.

Is there something I can add or do to make the smell linger?

Any help or advice will be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Perfume aromas are classified into three main groups; these are top, middle and base notes. Top note aromas evaporate the quickest as they contain the lightest chemical molecules. Base note aromas maintain their fragrance the longest because they contain the heaviest chemical molecules. Middle note aromas are between top notes and base notes. An example of each type of perfume note is as follows:

    top notes – orange, lemon, lime, peppermint, tea tree, clary sage

    middle notes – lavender, rosemary, geranium, melissa

    base notes – rose, frankincense, jasmine, patchouli.

    NB. Homeysuckle is a middle note

    A good blend of perfume is a well-balanced combination of top, middle, and base notes. In aromatherapy, the top notes are supposed to be the most volatile, quickest to evaporate, and fast acting oils; middle notes are the therapeutic and balancing oils; and base notes are the least volatile, longer-acting oils.

    The following article on "Aromatherapy Perfumes" . Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Aromatherapy and Natural Skin Care
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    to be sincere it's not that i am relatively into the entire famous person perfume factor. i purchase a smell for the reason that i like the scent of the highest notes and base notes and consider horny while dressed in it - no longer for the reason that a few famous person has their face at the bottle. for instance "Gloria" through Cacherel relatively makes me consider individual in an just about heady intoxicated feeling, i like that - it beats a star perfume that smells like crap however "OH, Christina aguileras face is at the bottle again house"

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