How to not sync apps to itunes?

I have an iPad 2, and I regularly download new apps from the appstore, whenever I sync my iPad to iTunes, it will backup and sync the new apps that was in my iPad to my laptop. Problem is, my laptop is running out of space. So what should I do to prevent the app sync to happen?


@ Mar D

i have already unchecked automatically sync new apps, its still syncing.

If I uncheck sync apps, the apps on my ipad will be deleted!

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  • 9 years ago
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    The next time you connect your ipad to itunes click on your device in the left sidebar, then on the right side menu select the second choice "apps". At the top you have the choice to sync apps and on the bottom you have the choice to automatically sync apps. If these are checked, uncheck them.

    The default of the itunes automatically syncs everything (music, apps, etc.) which is good for some, but not for others. You can also do the same for your music by clicking the summary tab, and under the options choices select "manually manage music and videos". Then the unit will not sync everything every time you connect.

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