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Michael Vick/Reggie Wayne/Jahvid Best/Mark Ingram for Drew Brees/Arian Foster/Darren McFadden?

Team 1 traded Vick/Wayne/Best/Ingram to Team 2 for Brees/Foster/McFadden

Fair trade?

Who topped out? Who flopped out? And Why?

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    Brees is a far better quarterback than Vick, so the key to the deal is how Wayne/Best/Ingram stack up against Foster/McFadden.

    Best, Foster and McFadden have all had injury issues in the last couple of seasons, but both Foster and McFadden have been far more productive than Best, who seems to start hot and tail off. Wayne is a solid receiver but he's also handicapped by playing without Manning. Ingram is an unknown at this point.

    Overall, I think that Foster and McFadden are superior to Best/Ingram/Wayne, so Team 2 comes out overwhelmingly on top in this deal.

    Source(s): Zach- You are wrong. I won 2 of my 3 fantasy leagues last year with Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, respectively, at QB. The league I did not win was won by a team that had Tom Brady at QB.
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    Yeah, i imagine each and every human being would particularly have a Peterson style again besides the undeniable fact that the easy actuality is DMC couldnt cope with that type of load. i really dont believe that he's a guy who can furnish you with 25-30 incorporates a pastime. He will be an dazzling complimentary again yet he's amazingly a lot a Reggie Bush type of participant... large speed yet outfitted more desirable like a thick wideout than a runner. Throw in his off container indiscretions and examine were given a ideal bust waiting to ensue.

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    Any trade of michael vick is a flop. On any given sunday he can throw for 3 TDs and Run for 1. Vick is the key to winning most fantasy leagues

    Source(s): won 3 of 4 fantasy leagues with vick at QB last year
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