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Who really knows Pink Floyd, Chris Rea and Dire Straits?

Here are three of my absolute favourite songs, but three of my all time favourite artists/bands:

Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd,

Nothing to Fear - Chris Rea &

You and Your Friend - Dire Straits.

Who can recommend an artist/band, that consistently produces, the same modern electric blues that these songs display?

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    wow dud i really love your choice great style of music.

    will i don't know if i have more 2 u, but let me give a try:

    1- blues company (any way those people they play good blues)

    2- pete alderton (near music from dire straits, Chris Rea and Leonard Cohen)

    3- porcupine tree (kind of music from pink floyd and some psychotically music)

    4- love over gold 1982 by dire straits (man get yourself a hi fi version xrcd, hdcd, sacd and play it on your high end system and enjoy music).

    5- mostly autumn (coping there style from pink floyd). but they only play progressive rock with good clean guitar.

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