gold leaf electroscope


answer the above questions?

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  • 天同
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    9 years ago
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    Statement (1) is right.

    When the charged sphere in put inside the container, its +ve charges raise the potential of the container and the electroscope. Hence, the gold-leaf diverges. When the sphere touches the botom of the container,all its +ve charges is conducted to the outside of the container. After the sphere is left, the +ve charges on the container provides a potential for the gold leaf to remain divergent.

    Statement (2) is right.

    As said in above, when the sphere touches the bottom of the container, all its +ve charges are conducted to the outside of the container. Thus the sphere becomes neutral.

    Statement (3) is wrong.

    Since the container is a conductor, all charges are residing on its outside. There is no charge on the inside of the container.

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