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Who has the most powerful navy in the world?

What are the top 5 Navy's from top to bottom.

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    In the modern world, you have to look at the ability to project power as a blue-water naval force; this includes both nuclear weapons and conventional sea control.

    While the Russian and Chinese navies both have nuclear weapons, neither are really capable of projecting power anywhere on the globe they want. The Chinese currently lack the blue-water capability, and the poor Russians are barely able to put their modern ships to sea and keep them there.

    There are only three navies that have the ability to project their national will anywhere on the planet, relatively quickly, and also control sea launched nuclear weapons. The are in descending order of capability:

    1 - United States Navy

    2 - French Navy

    3 - Royal Navy

    There are some regional powerhouses that can project their national will on a limited local basis. In no particular order, but generally descending:

    4 - Japanese Navy (recently renamed from the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force

    5 - Chinese Navy

    6 - Russian Navy

    7 - Australian Navy

    8 - Republic of Korea Navy

    9 - ROC Navy

    10 - German Navy

    11 - Indian Navy

    12 - Brazilian Navy

    13 - Italian Navy

    14 - Turkish Navy

    15 - Chilean Navy

    There are other navies, like Canada, Spain, and New Zealand, that are modern, well trained, well equipped, and capable of out-of-area operations - but only in concert with one of their much larger partners. But these navies are in reality only a par above that of a Coast Guard for all their ability to control their own local areas.

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    Obviously the U.S. Navy is by far the most capable. Mainly amount of ships and man power but mostly because of the fact that we have the capability to go anywhere in the world and utilize the ports available world wide.

    For a Navy to have full autonomy they must have the ability to utilize all areas of the globe via ports to dock and work and resupply with respect to the owners of such. This is why you must have MANY allies to help with this.

    Russia and China do not have enough "FRIENDS" through out the world to be able to just go where ever they wish. You must have authorization from the countries to utilize their ports.

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    MAJ Kev-that's the best description I've ever seen an Army guy(or anyone, for that matter) give on how to rank navies. BZ.

    Original Poster-just give the question to MAJ Kev.

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    The United States is first dude !

    The rest of the world second !

    They can all get together & still be second !

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    Definitely the US followed by either the UK or possibly Russia.

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    USN, Russia, China, UK, France. Gets fuzzy after those.

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    USA,Russia,China and most of the European countries have good Naval programs.

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    Honestly, this question is a matter of opinion. I don't think there is a way to "measure" the world's best navies. However, using Google I was able to find this link:


    And this one...


    And this one...


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    The US Navy has the power to essentially knock any country in the world back to the stone ages in a matter of seconds.

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