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Perry and Illegal Immigrant Children?

Why do liberals wan't to open the border to everyone,

and yet raise hell about Perry's decision (along with 183) house

to allow the undecisive hispanic population to cross into Texas

and receive in-state tuition? And why do the majority of liberals

online who have not been to college argue about this?



If you live on the border Texas, as I do; You come to grips with reality on this situation

very quickly. Hispanics in the vast general don't pay taxes, leech off of our government welfare systems (I mean rape our medical welfare system), an to add insult to injury an illegal killed my own father drunk and driving on the fifth of may of 2010... and fled to Mexico. (Where they don't expedite murders unless its first degree apparently)

But I would never take this man's son or daughter's life in place. You cannot hold children

accountable for their parents. I am much more conservative than you and have more understanding

of the Bible I can assure you. Your thoughts are wrong, and hateful.

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  • Math
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    9 years ago
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    Perry is right. The children should not be punished for the actions of parents. A child deserves good education and opportunities regardless of his background or where his parents came from. In some countries university is free too. Most students already suffer a lot with huge student loan debts and outrageously high textbook prices and tuition.

    University has become a for profit business now, instead of an institution that aims to spread knowledge.

    I have bachelor degree in math and am studying for master's in math, so I am not one of those liberals. I don't want to open the border either. But those who are already in and refuse to return, must be helped and given status. Forget their past.

    I made the mistake of voting for Obama and I regret big time. However, I do not see anything wrong in Perry's position. The country originally belongs to native indians, and the rest immigrated illegally (the ancestors I mean).

  • Rayne
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    9 years ago

    I think our laws should be enforced, and I think citizens should be protected by knowing who is in our country, and that they aren't being exposed to any resurgence of diseases that we wiped out long ago in this country...I also think if someone wants all that the U.S. has to offer, they should respect us enough to obey our laws, and do what it takes to become citizens, instead of disrespecting and demeaning all of the hard work that LEGAL immigrants who DO respect our country, worked so hard for...Criminals should never be rewarded, especially when they are teaching their children that you get rewarded for breaking laws in the process.

    My desire to enforce our laws, respect and protect my country and its people (that includes LEGAL immigrants), and put Americans first in America, makes me a "heartless" meanie...

    @math: "A child deserves good education and opportunities"

    Yes, in their own country!...I am a U.S. citizen, what country can I illegally enter with my child and demand a free education from???

    If a bank robber goes to jail, should you give his kid the money because the kid shouldn't have to go without just because the parent was caught?...Or, maybe we shouldn't put the bank robber in jail, because then the kid will have no dad, and it's not the kid's fault so the kid shouldn't be punished, right?

    Children of criminals ALWAYS suffer!...It's horrible, but the parents choose to put their children in that position, we do not...Do you desire to reward the children of all criminals, or only those who are citizens of other countries?

    Source(s): Hmm...I think my child "deserves an education" in Japan...Those kids are brilliant...Should I just sneak in and take it?
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He said that "if you don't support amnesty for illegal children, you have no heart".

    He basically hung himself.

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