what are some famouse canadian music stars?

pleaaaaaaasssse help i'm doing research for my school presentation about canadian famouse music stars,and my group chose justin bieber,avril lavigne, celen dion and nelly furtado.no one popular is left for me:((

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    Lee Aaron – jazz and rock singer-songwriter aka Metal Queen

    Abdominal – hip-hop musician

    Bryan Adams – singer-songwriter

    Susan Aglukark – pop singer-songwriter

    Bruce Aitken – jazz and rock drummer

    Robert Aitken – composer and flute player

    Chuckie Akenz – rapper, songwriter

    Pierrette Alarie – opera singer

    Emma Albani – opera singer

    Coco Love Alcorn – pop singer

    John Alcorn – jazz singer

    Toya Alexis – R&B singer

    Madeleine Allakariallak - Inuit throat singer and folk singer

    Chad Allen – first lead singer for The Guess Who

    Lillian Allen - Dub poet

    Barbra Amesbury – singer-songwriter

    Ted Andrews - vaudeville performer

    Charlie Angus – alternative country singer-songwriter, writer and politician

    Paul Anka – 1950s pop icon

    Alan Anton – bassist (Cowboy Junkies)

    Natalie Appleton – singer with the girl group All Saints

    Violet Archer – composer

    Jann Arden – pop singer-songwriter

    Carolyn Arends – Contemporary Christian pop singer

    Susie Arioli – jazz singer

    Julian Armour – cellist

    John Arpin – pianist, composer, recording artist and entertainer

    Talena Atfield – bassist (Kittie)

    Athésia – pop/dance singer

    Melissa Auf der Maur – rock guitarist (Hole, The Smashing Pumpkins)

    Eva Avila – singer (winner of Canadian Idol 2006)

    Mike Ayley - singer

    Marcel Aymar – singer-songwriter

    Caroline Azar – singer-songwriter-keyboardist (Fifth Column)

    Randy Bachman – rock singer and guitarist

    Tal Bachman – singer and the son of Randy Bachman

    Back Alley John – blues singer, songwriter and harmonica player

    Bad News Brown - rapper

    Bahamas – folk singer-guitarist

    Carroll Baker - country music singer

    Long John Baldry – British-born blues singer

    Buddy Banks - Jazz double-bassist

    Jill Barber – singer-songwriter

    Matthew Barber – singer-songwriter

    Kim Barlow – singer-songwriter

    Laura Barrett — singer-songwriter, kalimba player

    Yank Barry - rock singer, composer, guitar, percussion

    Miguel de la Bastide – flamenco guitarist

    Isabel Bayrakdarian - soprano

    Bobby Bazini - singer-songwriter

    Gary Beals – R&B singer

    Jaymz Bee – singer, music director

    Dan Bejar – singer/songwriter (Destroyer, Swan Lake, Hello, Blue Roses)

    Roz Bell – singer-songwriter

    Steve Bell – guitarist, singer-songwriter

    Belly - rapper , songwriter

    Dany Bédar - singer-songwriter

    Daniel Bélanger –

    Marie Carmen - pop singer and musical theatre actor (Starmania)

    Stef Carse — country and pop singer

    Wilf Carter – country singer

    Andrew Cash – singer-songwriter

    Peter Cash – singer-songwriter

    Ian Casselman - singer

    Jennifer Castle - singer-songwriter

    Micheal Castaldo - singer-songwriter & producer

    Cayouche - French singer-songwriter

    David Celia - singer-songwriter

    CFCF - electronic musician

    Keshia Chanté – urban/R&B singer

    Chantal Chamandy – pop/dance singer-songwriter

    Champion – DJ and electronic musician

    Robert Charlebois – Quebec singer, rock, funk

    Gregory Charles - chorister and pianist

    Rita Chiarelli – blues singer

    Jane Child – Pop/Rock/dance artist/songwriter/producer

    Choclair –

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Leonard Cohen

    Anne Murray

    Amanda Marshall

    KD Lang

    Brian Adams

    Natalie Furtado

    Paul Anka

    Alanis Morissette

    Neil Young

    Joni Mitchell

    Gordon Lightfoot

    Celine Dion

    Shania Twain

    Danny Fernandez

  • 8 years ago

    Nelly Furtado

    Sarah McLaughlin

    Michael Bublé


    Along with quite a few others, there's a crazy long list of them here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_musi...

    good luck!

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