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Basenji puppie for sale?

El Paso TX. looking for a Basenji puppie for sale

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    Parent Club:Basenji Club of America, Inc.

    Breeder Referral:Sandy Beaudoin; CST (918) 762-3205

    contact the breeder referral for basenji at AKC

    or alternatively take direct contact with the local branch of the club (they also have a rescue)

    Dallas-Ft Worth Basenji Club


    or you can contact who may know of dogs in your area needing home, or in some cases can work with you too get the dog transported home too you, though all pending you may have too help with the costs of that

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    There are many purebreed Basenji's for adoption. You can find puppies and adult dogs. Check out I learned that their are millions of dogs that get put to sleep each year because nobody wants them, that is why adoption is a good idea. "Why breed or buy when homeless dogs die"?

    Source(s): We found our purebreed on petfinder and she is awesome!
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    Here's a list of Basenji breeders in Texas:

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    8 years ago First, before you find a breeder try to see if there are any in the shelter near you. If there isn't that's okay!

    Try google, search "Basenji Breeders Directory" or "Basenji Breeders in TX" see what pops up, then maybe try or find the closest breeder in your area and maybe e-mail them and see if they have any friends to recommend, they have connections.

    Good Luck!

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    make sure you see the puppy with its mother before you buy and they cant be under a cirtain amount weeks old before they leave thier mother as they wont have any antibodies and will surely catch something...and being only puppies will not be strong enough to survive some people do this just to get fast money :'(

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    8 years ago

    your local shelter or

    ya, pretty much those are the only places...

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    8 years ago

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