Can we get approved to rent a house if my husband has good credit and I have bad credit?

My credit score is about 530 with some collections, that I have set up payment plans with. His is good mid 700's with no late payments.

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    8 years ago
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    It's definitely possible. Expect to be required to provide excellent rental history/references from previous landlords, higher deposit, and possibly even a cosigner (maybe not since your husband has good credit).

    If your rental history is good, I would say your chances of renting are good. If not, then your chances may be slim, depending on your area and whether landlords are hurting for tenants.

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    For renting a house, financial and credit requirements are usually much more strigent than for an apartment. For one thing, renting a house is typically much more expensive since tenants are generally required to provide all utilies (trash removal, water & sewer, home heating oil (in areas of the country where that is used), as well as the more common electric, gas, phone, cable, internet. And tenants are responsible for interior and exterior maintenance, which can be costly and/or time-consuming for plowing driveways, mowing lawns, gardening, gutter cleaning, etc. And for renting a house, they are much more likely to run credit on both spouses, whereas you can find apartments where, if they run credit reports, may only check the main wage earner rather than both spouses.

    You need excellent references from prior landlords. Plan on proving income more like 4 times rent (some apartments will settle for income of 3x rent). Income verification such as employer letter.

    Until you clean up your credit, your chances are much better of getting a modest apartment in a small building than getting an apartment in a managed complex, a condo, or a house.

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    Maybe. . . .if you have good rental history

    As a couple, it is your joint credit that will control,

    The fact that they are in repayment is good, having no delinquencies, regular ontime payments andyour credit rating will improve in 6-12 months

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