what happens if i put the gelatin mix into baked goods?

I never got a good answer years ago. tell me food chemists. If I dump the dry "jello" mix into cookie batter/dough, what will happen when it is baked? or just put a little bit liquid and mix it in.

jello cake is made by pouring it on top of a baked cake, then chilling.

I am wondering what happens if I just put the mix in.

will the be rubbery? will they not crisp and bake? will they be hard or mushy? will they explode?

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    It will bake just fine. I have a recipe for a cake using jello in the batter. I used to work in a bakery where we made cinnamon rolls only instead of adding the cinnamon and sugar we put strawberry jello powder as the filling. It was very good and quite popular with the customers.


    1 box yellow cake mix

    1 pkg. lemon Jello

    4 eggs

    3/4 c. apricot nectar

    3/4 c. salad oil

    1 tsp. lemon flavoring

    Separate eggs. Beat whites until stiff. Blend cake mix and Jello thoroughly. Add beaten egg yolks, apricot nectar, oil and flavoring. Fold in egg whites and pour into greased 10 inch tube pan. Bake 1 hour at 325 degrees.

    Mix together:

    2 c. sifted powdered sugar

    Juice of 2 lemons or 1/3 c. apricot nectar

    Pour over hot cake and let cool in pan.


    and here is a recipe for jello cookies:


    4 c. plain flour

    1 1/2 c. softened butter

    1 sm. pkg. Jello, any flavor

    1 c. sugar

    1 tsp. baking powder

    1 egg

    1 tsp. vanilla

    1/2 c. chopped nuts

    Mix all ingredients together except flour and nuts. Then add flour and nuts. Roll into small balls and place on cookie sheet. Press into patties with floured fork in a criss-cross pattern. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes.

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  • 4 years ago

    This cake has absolute NO sugar, it truly is sweetened by technique of the dried fruit in it. placed 1lb of blended dried fruit in a bowl. upload to it a mug of black tea. conceal bowl and leave for twenty-four hours. After this time, blend into it, 6 oz. of self elevating white flour and a million whisked egg. placed right into a greased cake baking pan and bake for fifty minutes at one hundred and sixty centigrade. attempt the centre with a scewer to ascertain it truly is baked. If no longer, go back to the oven for 5 more desirable minutes. This sounds naff yet is very a dazzling cake. you may change sparkling orange juice for the tea in case you want.

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