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Polymer clay syrup color?

How can I get a syrup color for my polymer clay for my pancake

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    There are various materials you can use and ways you can get a syrupy consistency for putting onto polymer clay pancakes (miniatures, I'm assuming), and also various ways you can color the material you choose.

    You can just use a brown colorant, though which colorant you'd use would depend on the liquid you choose and the way you want it to look. You can also make new colors of brown by adding a bit of yellow, red or green to the brown you start out with. Check out this page for more on mixing your own colors, etc (of polymer clay or of paints/inks/etc):

    For a runny liquid, you can use something like clear polyurethane, clear (acrylic) fingernail polish, clear floor polish, acrylic medium, 2-part epoxy resin or glue, various permanent white glues, and more. You'd tint those with water-based colorants (dyes, inks, food coloring, etc, or powders).

    Or you can use liquid polymer clay. You'd tint that with oil-based or alcohol-based colorants (artists' oil paints, alcohol inks like Adirondack/etc) or with powders.

    Check out the Miniatures page at my site for the info on making transparent, clear toppings/etc for foods: (under Sweets, check out the subcategories on ways to create thinner icings, jellies, gravies, etc)

    And also this page for more on extruding liquid clays with icing tips: (click on Extruding Liquid Clays)

    (And if you don't already know about liquid polymer clays --like Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Fimo Decorating Gel, and Kato Clear Medium-- there's info on those, as well as how to color them, on this page: --esp. Inclusions & Coloring)


    Diane B.

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