Sci-Fi cheesy movie im looking for?

These students go to Scotland for a hiking trip and end up getting attacked by this werewolf thing, and they find a baby in a castle that they try to save, the only girl to survive actually turns into one in a bedroom and eats this priest dude, whats the name of this movie?

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    Wild Country (2005). After being forced to give her baby boy up for adoption, Glasgow teenager Kelly Ann decides to go on a cross country hike through the Scottish Highlands with a group of friends. Kelly Ann's ex - boyfriend Lee then appears uninvited in an attempt to rekindle their relationship. Things do not go to plan however when Kelly Ann & Lee find an abandoned baby in the ruins of an old castle. As the teenage group attempt to get the baby to safety, a vicious, wolf-like beast appears from the darkness and begins to stalk the group, picking them off one by one. The group soon realise that they have to kill the creature or be killed themselves.

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    a million. The Quiet guy 2. Citizen Kane 3. Schindler's checklist 4. The Godfather 5. some like it warm 6. The Wizard of oz..7. Chinatown 8. a guy For All Seasons 9. Patton 10. Bonnie and Clyde 11. Lawrence of Arabia 12. To Kill A Mockingbird 13. The Grapes of Wrath 14. the part 15. The Maltese Falcon sixteen. sundown Blvd 17. Cabaret 18. Annie corridor 19. Shane 20. Grand inn

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