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How do you make a paper airplane?

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    The best design is a circular one.

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    At college used to have an unofficial competition to fly a paper airplane from the 7th floor of our electrical engineering building 200yds or so over the adjacent river. This is the best design we had with and I managed to get one to clear the river. Darts and similar designs tended to crash and burn whereas the circular design tends to fly in half loops, down then up, stalls, then the weight of the paper at the front brings the nose down so it starts flying again into the next loop. To see the design at its best it need to be launched from at least ceiling height and have plenty of clear space in front of it. It's easier to make if you have a square piece of paper but the method shown by the lad in the video is good enough although I'd recommend holding the outside of the ring between your thumb and middle finger to launch it rather than the tail. It should be launched tail to the rear and at the bottom.

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    Source(s): Most Realistic Flight Simulator :
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