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社會的第四權(The Fourth Estate)

媒體又被稱為社會的第四權(The Fourth Estate),





百科全書,以及《辭海》、《辭源》及各種辭典,均未收錄「第四權」一詞,唯有the fourth estate一詞,其中以《大美百科全書》較為詳細:指封建時代社會三階級(貴族、僧侶、平民)以外的第四階級。最初另有所指,如軍隊及暴民,直至新聞記者獲得該項頭銜為止

Update 2:

fourth estate, a term commonly applied to the public press. It is an extension of the use of “estate ” to signify the three traditional social orders of feudal society-the lords spiritual, lords temporal, and commons-and formerly was applied to other groups,

Update 3:

such as the army and the mob, until journalists claimed the title.

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    Estate有以下的意思1. 地產He is a real estate agent. 他是一個房地產經紀人。2. 財產, 資產; 遺產[U][C]When his father died, he left an estate of one million dollars. 他父親去世時留下了一百萬元遺產。3. 社會階級[C]Her family was of high estate. 她出身名門。4. 莊園[C]5. 人生階段[U]6. 身分, 地位[U]There is no reason to believe that people of every estate will support the political platform. 沒有理由相信社會各階層的人都會擁護這個政綱。The Fourth Estate :Estate解釋為社會階級

    Source(s): 意譯而非字譯
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