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Peter asked in HealthDental · 9 years ago

Need help cleaning clear retainers!?

I have these clear retainers for about 4 months now and its starting to turn ugly. There are unclear white stuff in my retainers. I brush my retainers everyday and occasionally use the sonic cleaner along with a tablet to clean my retainers. But the white stuff will not go away. Any suggestions on how to completely clean retainers?

* I think the white stuff may be plaque or some kind of chemical build up.

2 Answers

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    The reason that you have white plaque buildup on your retainer is because you didn't use the Retainer Brite every single day from the very beginning. Now that the plaque has built up and become hard, it will be almost impossible for Retainer Brite or any other similar tablet to get it off.

    You can try a product called SonicBrite, which is stronger than Retainer Brite, and will get the plaque buildup off after several consecutive cleanings (it will probably take about 4 or 5 consecutive cleanings to do the job). You can also go to your orthodontist and see if they can remove the plaque by putting your retainer in their ultrasonic unit. Please note that the sonic cleaner you have been using is merely sonic, not ultrasonic.

    After the white buildup is finally removed from your retainer, you should use Retainer Brite or SonicBrite every single day to prevent it from returning. You can find Retainer Brite and SonicBrite online at stores like

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  • LX
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    9 years ago

    Clean it with dishwashing liquid

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