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How to apply for Citizenship in the UK?

Okay I am an 18 year old American and I want to go to the UK next year to do all my schooling and eventually become a psychiatrist in England. What do I need to do to be able to study over there, get a part time job and apply for citizenship? I'm a bit confused, but I know I want to live there sooner rather than later.

Asides from marrying someone, I'm not going to do that just to become a citizen :P

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    You can't apply for citizenship if you are not married to a citizen until you have lived legally and continuously in the UK for a minimum of 6 years - 5 years to get your ILR (permanent residency) then one more year before you could be naturalised as a citizen. Years spent in the UK on a student visa do not count towards residency requirements, so if you wanted to study in the UK it would be 10 years before you could become a citizen if you went to school for 4 years, then were lucky enough to find a company willing to sponsor your work visa for 5 years

    If you want to study in the UK you need to apply to and be accepted at a British University. The UCAS website has all the info you need for applying as an international student

    If you are accepted and can meet the financial requirements (you need to show you have funds to cover all fees and living expenses) then you can apply for a student visa. As a full time student you are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week during school terms and full time during school breaks.

    When you finish school then you have to leave the country within 30 days unless you are able to find a company to sponsor your visa.

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    very little chance ..there are a million Europeans wanting to do the same

    thing and they do need a visa

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