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when the union nurses in N. CA walk off the job from the children's hospital?

does that mean they care about the sick kids?


Nancy- so when they walk off the job that mean there will be more nurses somehow?

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    Union pukes really care about anything other than themselves and their subservience to their union thug organizers.

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    Interesting here they have one nurse for four patients and in IcU one nurse per two patients. Not a big burden. They give meds and that's it. If diagnostic images are needed someone else comes and gets them., In the ICU, when you first go in they are all around the computer monitors and at the desks and look real attentive, but we had to wait several times and come after the normal visiting hours and you couldn't find a nurse. They were in the back or on break. Sometimes we could find our nurse, but totally different than the normal time. It gives the illusion they are right there, Johnny on the spot, when in reality it's nothing like that, the poor people have to press the buzzer to get help.

    As far as a difference normally in the icU they have a "trainee" that assists the nurse and please two patients. All they do is give meds and the orderly gives them a bath. I know first hand as have been in several of them in different states, it would blow your mind if you really knew what was going on. I honestly don't think they need a "nurse" as most people are qualified to give medicine and take a temp and bathe a person as they do it at home. The only thing needed might be for an iv, which only a certain number are qualified.

    It's even worse on the floor as they are horrible and don't even answer the buzzer unless a family member is there and trust me you do not leave them alone as the "orderlies" are now called 'nurses assistant" and I know they don't even run background check and pending are suits where the "na' has messed with the patient. Hey watch those pain pills they vanish.

    Sadly at the VA recently a man was brought back in cause they couldn't get the vac to stay on his leg. they must have done something else as they put him in a room and the thing killed him by draining all his blood. The only way it got in the paper was his personal info had been breadhed 300 times by employees and the local union boss stated that some people need to go into his info but not that manyh.

    AA, EEO

    C and union do no0t mix and that mix is horrible as you cannot get rid of the worse and might have the lower tier in there and that is what is going on in the places now.

    The rememdy is to have people who can give them medicine as that is about the main ting they do unless in er.

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    i don't think of i ought to do any interest that would require me to reason yet another person grief or injury, or income from them. So i could not be a police officer (ought to get mad on the criminal and only shoot his butt after seeing the sufferer) investment banker (taking previous human beings money and asserting, oops industry went down, so sorry) Repo guy (could sense undesirable approximately taking their motor vehicle away, regardless of in the event that they have ignored money) shop clerk ( word, if the product is respectable, ok yet while it truly is a few shoddy crap, no way Jose)

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    Honestly that one is tricky. It could be argued that they do in fact care for kids much more than the hospital administrations do. Nurses are routinely spread too thin to provide decent care in all hospitals. I know a lot of nurses and the one thing I never hear them complain about is money or benefits, but they do have a great deal to say about working conditions and patient care.

    I'm sure they wouldn't arrive at the decision to walk away hastily. Very troublesome issue.

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    Yeah, having one RN take care of 8 sick kids simultaneously during a single shift shows SO much caring... Not.

    At least think before you speak.

    EDIT: Yes, absolutely. The state will feel pressured to cap the number of patients a nurse can see at one time, thereby requiring hospital administrators to hire more RNs. Nurses are overworked and have one of the toughest jobs in this country.

    Nursing affects patient safety.

    Source(s): Graduate nursing student
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    They gave several weeks' notice of the action, and made sure that there would be coverage for all medical needs except elective surgeries.

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    9 years ago

    Sad to say it is almost always about the money.

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    NO! That is when the term 'true colors' becomes very apropos.

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    9 years ago

    Tea baggers say the children must die if their parents can't afford insurance.

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