Best vocals in Super Junior?

People always say Yesung and Kyuhyun, but I personally think that most people pick Kyuhyun because he's their bias, or because he's so good-looking, no one is actually looking at his voice but moreorless his hair and face.. Don't get me wrong! Kyuhyun is a truly amazing singer. Incredible :) but his vocals are a little typical to me so yeah..


1. Yesung

2. Kyuhyun

3. Ryeowook

4. Sungmin

5. Donghae

6. Leeteuk

7. Siwon

8. Heechul

9. Kangin

10. Eunhyuk

11. Shindong

12-13. Hangeng and Kibum.. only because Hangeng no longer performs with SuJu and because Kibum barely performs with SuJu nowadays.

But, besides talent, voices I love listening to..

1. Ryeowook

2. Yesung

3. Kyuhyun

4. Leeteuk

5. Sungmin

6. Donghae (loved his voice in Perfection-SJM :D)

7. Heechul

8. Eunhyuk

9. Shindong

10. Siwon

11. Kangin

12-13. Kibum and Hangeng (again just because of the reasons stated above)

I'm not really one who likes low vocals, which is mainly why Kangin and Siwon are placed in 10-11 :/ What d'you think?

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    8 years ago
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    I think most Super Junior fans and others in general agree that K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) have the best vocals in SJ. Whose the best out of those 3...yeah I think that many people pick Kyuhyun because he's their bias rather than really basing it on his vocals. For me since I'm not really knowledgeable in singing and music, I tend to judge who has the best vocals in SJ based on who I just love listening to sing songs and who really touch me when he sing songs because he put in so much emotions.

    So my ranking based on my own opinion:

    1) Yesung (I love listening to him singing It Has To Be You, so soothing. I think Yesung has a very good voice and he really impressed me with his singing in Immortal Song 2. I love how he puts in so much emotions when he sings, and I really think his vocals are amazing. It's really funny and unique how when he sing, he place his mic near his philtrum instead of his mouth, :D)

    2) Kyuhyun (Amazing vocals, really impress me when he sings chinese songs coz his pronunciation is so perfect.)

    3) Ryeowook (Also have amazing vocals, love his solo song, One Fine Spring Day. I place him after Yesung and Kyuhyun because I think he has more of a high pitch voice and I think I like listening to the other 2 sing more coz I prefer voices that are lower. But Ryeowook is still really amazing.)

    4) Donghae (Agree that his singing is really good in Perfection. :) I also love his duet with Ryeowook, Just Like Now.)

    5) Leeteuk (My bias :D He has good vocals too, I just wish he has more chances to show it. But I'm happy that he's getting more parts now in SJ songs like in Mr. Simple.)

    6) Sungmin (definitely underrated, he sings really well but isn't as popular as some other members)

    7) Siwon (I don't think Siwon has that low of a voice, I don't know, he sounds pretty good to me when he sings SJ songs.)

    8) Eunhyuk (he mostly raps, so don't really hear him sing in SJ songs a lot. But he sounds pretty good when he sing songs in Sukira, Super Junior Kiss The Radio.)

    9) Heechul (I love Heechul's personality :D but I don't really love his singing, he's good but to me his voice is ok :/ )

    10) Shindong (like Eunhyuk, he mostly raps so don't really get to hear him sing so much)

    11) Hangeng (like you mention he doesn't perform with SuJu anymore, :( but when I listen to some of his solo songs he sounds good)

    12) Kangin (yeah I agree his vocals are low, so I don't really like it as much.)

    13) Kibum (like you said, not active with SuJu these few years)

    I love listening to some members of SuJu sing more than others, but I really think that all members of SuJu has really good vocals. The ranking of the best vocals in SuJu is really mostly based on preference I think, who you like listening to, though KRY definitely is always in the top 3.

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    8 years ago

    9. Kangin..

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