What Are Advantages And Disadvantages To Having A Autocracy, Oligarchy, Communism And Democracy?

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  • 8 years ago
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    All forms of government are an oligarchy that can be a republic (representation), authoritarian (subject to legislative decree)/Dictatorship (absolute sheer will): communist/socialist, fascist, theology, & monarchy.


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    In Communism only the dictator in chief, his/her family, clan or inner circle have wealth & authority like castro & kim jong il. Where there is no independently or family run Orange County Choppers, restaurant/Business, even franchise or corporation.

    Since everything is Centralized, micromanage, & state owned everything was pretty much rationed. Instead of changing a sovereign for the Better, it lead to starvation, famine, & abuse. Punishment is severe for disobedience & violations. Titles to property are not honored or non existent that people simply accept what is provided by the government in one central location so expect long lines. Wide technical progress are slow. A/C electrical motor, Computers, Cell Phone, LDC TV, & CRT TV wasn't conceive in a communist country. People weren't allowed to be creative, innovative, & express themselves unless commissioned by the government. Lop tops, cell phones, microwaves, & flat screen tv. are banned in some communist country. Military funding armamentation having a higher priority than the public.

    If you don't work you will do work assigned or ordered by force no matter how unappealing or low class it is. Rationing of benefits, aid or supplies are all anybody are entitled too. It is similar to being in the military for which you are government property & serve anyway possible no matter how burned one is from long hour work. Half of 1/3 of the work force will have entitlement/superiority attitudes towards their assigned occupation or towards Casoids, Oreintals, Egros or Other co-workers. The other half of the 1/3 are simply sloths, disappears, uncaring, incapable of accomplishing the task (trained) & pays no attention to detail or quality.The other 2/3 half will perform their task but will take their time doing it. The other half of the 2/3 which is 1/3 will go above & beyond their call of duty either because they couldn't help it or the management just keep depending on them too much in which they get burned in the end. To avoid work the sloths & milkers kiss, lick, & grease behinds & become sidekicks of foreman's, sup's or management. Having Connections can be prestigious or beneficial for a licker/greaser. Thus those from these countries including old/third world countries flee to where capitalism is, & why wealthy or middle class proponents of socialism, like the self righteous hollywood celebs rich-class, won't move in a Communist (socialist) country. Instead of a top 40% 30%, or 20% you'll end up with a top .02% or less, forced to buy & accept what the government provides for you.

    Capitalism creates opportunities to succeed individually like Dean Kamen, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, James Naismith, Michael Jordan, Tiger woods, Nikola Tesla, Charles Goodyear, George Westinghouse, Thomas Edison, Alexander G. Bell, Willis Haviland Carrier. The more individuals succeed independently the more it enriches individual's self worth, spirituality & society aided by spiritual principles & virtues towards hard work & self reliance that enables their community prosper & free'r than before. Many has always fled to a capitalist society since communism began & no self righteous hollywood celebs rich-class would choose North Korean, Cuban, or USSR system over Capitalism not even the poor of a third/old world.

    People pursue their interest in capitalism, try to be successful at it, & pursue other interest, if they fail to be self reliant. Steve Jobs, Cisco founders & others started out in the Garage. They came up with a product that the public would like to have, no different from musicians who sells their talent to the public. They expanded & provided qualified others with jobs, including businesses they supplied & contracted for logistic, energy &, advertising purposes. Using money in the exchange of products, services, or entertainment is how the public choose freely & show their appreciation to what others produce & provide, respecting property by exchanging property or money. Their self interest is to provide for themselves & their family through success that they can pass down to their children that they earned for their children or whom ever they choose.

    People are misunderstanding the meaning of equality. Everyone can be poor, not rich. Not everybody has the skills, talent, resourcefulness, innovativeness, & creativity to be successful. Everyone started out equally, whether from birth or pre-civilization, but the path endured for our abilities to manifest makes us all different & unequal. Thus why there is a job interview or an exam applied to employment. Equality is that opportunity to start out evenly & honestly finish without a handicap, Aff. Act., or a half of a course head start.

    Source(s): The general welfare of any sovereign is for a governing body to protect its Sovereign from foreign or domestic threats to protect its way of life from abruptly changing its costumes, language, rights, prestige & rule of law into a foreign sovereign's will, domineering or not. A sovereign concern is for the prosperity of its self reliance through its citizens self reliance/economic freedom & defend that self reliance/economic freedom with a strong military/law enforcement, to provide a safe environment for its law abiding citizen & business to live & exist in, respecting each others property through commerce & trade using currency or property in return. Governance must not curry favor to some & should keep everyone honest by crushing corruption, grand theft of blue/white collar & inside jobs, smuggling/trafficking & heinous crimes in order for fairness to flourish on a level playing field of opportunity.
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  • 4 years ago

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    What Are Advantages And Disadvantages To Having A Autocracy, Oligarchy, Communism And Democracy?

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  • 4 years ago

    Communism means exactly what it says commune ism , basically living as a single community . This has only ever happened in primitive hunter gatherer or herding ( possibly early subsistence farming ) societies . Even then there was still a leader so the idea that everyone was equal simply isn't true . Communism really stops being possible as soon as any sort of commerce exists . Socialism is a process of Marxism . Marx believed that a Utopian Communist society could be created in the modern world ( bear in mind how long ago he lived ) . Essentially the idea is that all the workers of the world unite and overthrow the establishment with violent revolution , then a period of Socialism will begin . This is called the dictatorship of the proletariat , it has to be a dictatorship to ensure everyone conforms to the new order . All wealth will be shared equally and eventually as everyone becomes equal , government will no longer be needed and cease to exist and we all live happily ever after . That's right folks , it's a f**king fairy tail . The fundamental flaws in the theory are , firstly what dictator will ever relinquish power ? None ever have , secondly if everyone gets the same no matter what they do , there is no reason to try , there is no progression . Essentially , Socialism is the society of the lowest common denominator , everyone is held back to the level of the slowest , the weakest and the stupidest .

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  • 3 years ago

    Advantages Of Autocracy

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    8 years ago

    All are very different things.

    Autocracy means a dictatorship like Hitler's. This gives one person supreme rulership over the country and therefore things happen more quickly and more personally. If Germany had not been an autocracy for example, WW2 might not have happened. Now autocracy CAN be good for the country, but usually it isn't. It allows corruption, and that one person sitting at the top usually gets corrupted by his power. It usually ends in rebellion and lots of people dying.

    Oligarchy is similar to autocracy in political terms except that a few people control all the country. Oceania, if you've read 1984, was an oligarchy. These seldom last because the people at the top get into arguments and plot out plans to kill the others and establish an autocracy.

    Communism abolishes class so everyone, besides the rulers, are equal. The Government provides the needs to its people for free, and offers a few wages for the workers to buy wants. Communism is both political, social and economical. A good communist government would provide a house and food for the people, but it seldom works like that. The Soviet Union for example exploited communism by giving its people the very minimum and making them work for 12 hours a day in difficult jobs due to their paranoia. So communism in theory is good, but it failed.

    Democracy is present in most states. In a democracy, the government is more inclined to help the people because the people choose whether the government stays or goes. Democracy is the best system, though it has problems. In the US for example, no matter what government is in power, things WON'T change, because the corparations are actually in control of the USA. A true democracy however, is the best form of government.

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