What is the cost of having a baby in the USA?

My husband is American and I am Canadian, and we want to have a baby together and were discussing if we should have it in the USA or Canada. I know it's free in Canada, but he really wants to be part of all the doctor visits and birth so we have agreed to have it in the USA. The baby will be living in Canada for the majority of time though.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the breakdown of costs for doctor visits/ultrasounds/delivery?

If there is an medical insurance I can purchase as a visitor to cover that?

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  • bw022
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    8 years ago
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    I'll have to agree with others here... the cost issue isn't something one should dismiss so easily.

    The cost of having a baby in the United States ranges from $9,000 to $18,000 for a natural birth and $14,000 to $25,000 for a c-section. If something goes wrong -- premature, needs surgery, serious complications, etc. -- it could easily go into the high tens or hundreds of thousands. With insurance, deductibles and uncovered expenses are typically $1500 to $4000 depending upon your plan.

    An ultrasound runs $75 to $300. All these are highly variable depending upon your city and doctor.

    If you are already pregnant, you will never get health insurance in the US covering this -- that would be a preexisting condition. Whether you can get US insurance prior to getting pregnant really depends upon your job or your husbands job. It would be rare you could get non-work private insurance to actually cover this... since most will be either really expensive (since you aren't in a large group) or will cap coverage based on how long you have it.

    You won't be able to get any Canadian travel or temporary living insurance, since all these plans include a clause stating that you must be covered by your provincial health plan, they don't cover elective surgeries, and the limit procedures to those covered by your MSP.

  • Kay
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    8 years ago

    I can understand your husband wanting to participate but you are making a costly choice here. I am assuming your husband has some medical coverage but does that extend to you. When you have the baby YOU are the patient, not him. You need to find out if you will be covered and how much (the percentage) the insurance company pay. It is not like Canada (I am Canadian) and you could be stuck with a big bill. Without insurance it could be as much as $40 000, maybe more, and the co-pay will be at least 10%. The only coverage you could have in the US is if your workplace has benefits that will cover you. But if you are in the US for your appointments I'm assuming you are not working in Canada. Either way you are looking at a bill of at least $4000 to have your baby in the US and that's if you are covered by your husband's policy.

    In Canada you will only pay for cable in your hospital room and the difference between a semi-private and private room if you choose a private room. My bill was $88. Also, your baby will not be a Canadian citizen and if you plan to have your baby in the US and then live in Canada your baby will not be covered as a citizen or have a health card. Until he/she becomes a citizen you will have to pay out of pocket for all doctor visits. There are at least 7 well baby check ups in the first year and you would be looking at about $400 for each visit and you will have to pay for all immunizations and any tests if need be. That is going to be very expensive. Why you would consider giving up free health care for your baby makes no sense. Take advantage!!

  • 8 years ago

    Well, I don't know if I quite understand or agree with your email. Why in teh world would you want to pay for a service that is free to you in your country? Yes I read and understand your hubby wanting to be involved in teh birthing process, but at what costs?

    My husband and I both have decent jobs. I gave birth to my fist baby in April 2011. I had to have a c-section (which it seems is the norm now for doctors) to bill insurance co more money. At any rate, my final bill for labor and delivery and all those special thinsg they add in once tehy fond out you have decent insurance andnot medicare/caid, was $38,000! My insurance paid 90 percent of it, but I still have a bill for $3,800, in which I am on a payment plan for! Again this was just for L&D. Now as far as doctor visits (prenatal care), I would say for my total 9 months or so...my bill was about $4000 to $5000 for doctor visits, ultrasounds, stress test, etc. I had to pay 10 percent of that, which was about $500, plus the $3800 for L&D.

    Didn't you know the US is in a major healthcare crisis and reform? I diubt if you wll be able to get any reasonably priced healthcare here (if it is not through your job). Plus there are loopholes that many companies use for whats called a pre-existing condition. I mean who would ensure you now, knowing within a few months you will hit their pockets to the tune of 25 grand or more?

    Have your baby in Canada and avoid the US. There is nothing special about the US. We are a country full of idiots!

    Also consider, you pay all that money to have your baby in the US and wind up having to have a c-section. Guess what, most doctors will not let your husband be involved as he would like to be. Actually with my c-sectin, doctors wouldn't allow my hubby below the sheet, so you did not actually see the baby being born...that would be a bummer!


  • 8 years ago

    You should visit with a prospective OBGYN. S/he can give you an exact breakdown of likely costs all the way through delivery. The cost is different in every city, state, and hospital.

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  • Lacey
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    8 years ago

    Um its not that expensive..I mean unless you are poor it is but you and you're husband should both have decent paying jobs to support you're lifestyle. I am 27 and have four children under the age of 8 and its not that expensive.

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