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Why would a baseball team name themselves after a people?

I just don't get why teams like Cleveland would name themselves after a nationality. I mean it's not like India is that ferocious or anything, and in fact it can be seen as offensive. So why do it?

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  • Tony E
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    Well, to tell the truth, the Cleveland Indians are indirectly named after India, only because Christopher Columbus mistook "The New World" for the West Indies and though he was off the coast of India, thus naming the natives, "Indians."

    The offensiveness of the naming has been an issue with MLB and NFL teams for a while now. There are occasionally protest at Washington Redskins games, which I understand since that is a derogatory term for Native Americans. Likewise, there have been protest at Indians, Aztecs, Warriors, and other Native American related term mascot schools. Schools like San Diego State have changed their mascot. Teams like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins have told protesters to stick it.

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    The same reason any OTHER sports team would name themselves after a people, like the:

    Washington Redskins

    Boston Celtics

    Florida Seminoles

    Minnesota Vikings

    New York Yankees

    Montreal Canadiens

    Or an occupation, like the:

    Dallas Cowboys


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    The University in my area went to a great deal of trouble and expense recently to rename their mascot the Red Wolves instead of the Indians. Really, were the Indians complaining? Team names also include Pirates and other non-animal or bird mascots.

  • Anonymous
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    Its not named after India u idiot. Its mascot is a Native American who are also called Indians. They are not called the Tribe for no reason. Anyway wy do you care? Its their team name

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  • 5 years ago

    just a term of endearment , but I suppose there will be some crackpot who would take offence too it

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