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Help me with german homework?

I need 10 different sentences in german using the verb wissen. The sentences can be in present or perfect using partizip II or prateritum.

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    Well I never! How did I manage to get all the way through to an MA in German without knowing what a "Partizip II" is? I've just looked it up and discovered it just means "past participle". You learn something new every day... :-)

    Here are some sentences to start you off:

    1. Ich weiss nicht, was ich tun soll.

    I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

    2. Sag nicht, du hast es nicht gewusst.

    Don't say you didn't know.

    3. Er wusste nie, wohin er gehörte.

    He never knew where he belonged.

    4. Wir wissen, was uns in Rostock erwartet.

    We know what is waiting for us in Rostock.

    5. Ihr habt nichts davon gewusst?

    You knew nothing about it?

    6. Wenn sie wüssten, welche Macht sie haben.

    If they knew what power they have.

    Can you find 4 more of your own? If you're still stuck, try Googling (NOT Google Translate):

    sie haben gewusst

    du wusstest

    ihr wisst

    Sie wissen

    Source(s): Studied and taught German.
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