Looking for night entertainment in pittsburgh,pa? Anyone Know of good strip joints in Pitt.?

I am headed to a Steelers game, and we are spending Friday evening in Pitt. We are looking for a nice,clean strip joint OR clubs in Pittsburgh, to have some night fun! Wondering if anyone has any recommendations??

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    9 years ago
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    Hi, guy! You know, Pittsburgh is known for its steel, its football and its universities. However, it doesn't mean the city has no dearth of various clubs. There are a lot of strip joints in or near the city that offer travelers a fun night with some stimulating adult entertainment. Here are some of the top strip joints in Pittsburgh.

    *Blush (135 9th St.) - The club offers fully nude entertainment. It's within walking distance from the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball stadium. Its website bills itself as the number 1 strip joint in Pittsburgh.

    *Cricket Lounge - 280 Morewood Avenue - an authentic Pittsburgh strip club

    *Wild Thingz Entertainment - 2546 Library Rd. Ste 6

    Actually, other kinds of clubs, like dance clubs, are also great places to spend a night. These nightclubs feature dancing, DJs, live bands and drinks. Here is a page that offers the info about the nightlife in Pittsburgh. If you are interested in, have a look at it.


    Have a great time in Pittsburgh!

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