is english a difficult language to learn and why?

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    8 years ago
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    In some ways it's easy... it doesn't have masculine and feminine genders like French, Welsh, Portuguese have. It doesn't have mutations ( like Welsh and Gaelic). It doesn't have complicated cases like Russian has. It no longer has a second person singular ( thou, thee etc have long since gone).

    It does, however have strange ways of pronouncing words that look the same eg.. ----OUGH--








    These are all pronounced differently.

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    It is one of the more tricky languages to learn. Although things are not gendered, the spelling, grammar and pronunciation are all difficult to pick up because they seem to be completely random sometimes. Also, trying to pronounce things right and use the correct grammar becomes more difficult because of the divide between American and British English. The slang is different, the grammar is different and the accent is different but both are used in business and on tv, so most people end up learning a weird mixture of both.

    For example, if you walk up to someone and ask if you can bum a, in America, you'll get punched in the shnoz, whereas in Britain, you'll be given a cigarette.

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    8 years ago

    It's not easy, but it's not hard like Spanish, French, Italian, German,Chinese etc. The grammar is simpler, no masculine or feminine, the plural is very simple, the articles are easy to memorize and use . The only hard part i think is the listening, it takes months or years in an english contry to be able to understand (almost) perfectly the language.

    Good Luck!! I learned english, you can do it .

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    English is relatively hard for a non-English-speaker to become fluent in because of the irrational spelling. The spelling of Modern English reflects how English was pronounced when the printing press was invented in the 1440s, and it doesn't reflect how the pronunciation changed since then. The several attempts to reform the English spelling have all come to nothing.

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  • 8 years ago

    I thought English is a difficult language but after i started learning German I realized that English is not as difficult as German.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The general view, I gather, is that it's not at all difficult overall, but has some difficult areas:

    1) (the main one) its ghastly orthography (the relation between written and spoken words is highly inconsistent).

    2) The large amount of idiom (forms that are not logically deducible from the words that make them up).

    3) A large number of "phrasal verbs" - difficult-to-remember combinations where one verb acquires sometimes radically different meanings depending on what preposition you append to it.

    4) Many forms where the rule isn't well-defined (for instance, the choice for comparatives between "more <adjective>" and "<adjective>-er").

    5) Dual forms for formal/colloquial use.

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    3 years ago

    relies upon on your training point, your actual/psychological capacity to income a clean language, and the publicity you may desire to the hot language. training point--i've got considered knowledgeable human beings from Sweden to Germany to France to Mexico learn English fairly properly. the undeniable fact that they recognize the grammar of their very own language facilitates extraordinarily. actual/psychological capacity--some all and sundry is particularly good at mimicking others and producing foreign places sounds. i'm no longer, and my Spanish accessory sucks. yet there are others who do fairly properly. publicity--this is the biggest for incredibly much each and every guy or woman. in case you reside in an English-conversing usa and make an effort to handle the mainstream subculture (meaning no longer staying in an enclave) you will learn. the main significant element with English is which you may desire to understand that pronunciation and the written language do no longer correspond. the speedier you recognize that, the speedier you will learn.

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    I think it depends on your native language. English is not so difficult as say Russian, Arabic or Japanese, but it can be challenging because there are many exceptions to the grammar rules in English. In addition to the exceptions, the articles such as "in, at, on, the" are very difficult for second language learners to master.

  • 8 years ago

    No English is rather easy to learn.Compared to other European the grammar is rather easy.However English spelling often makes no sense.

    Source(s): Canadian.
  • 8 years ago

    english is not that hard of language such as german or spanish or french! but there is some difficulty but tht comes with every new language u learn right?

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