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過去雖然我沒有太多工作經驗,但是在每次的學習當中,我了解到自己的優缺點,我是個積極、有禮貌且肯學習的人,而我覺得自己需要改進的部分是不擅言詞和有時太過執著的個性,所以在上個學期我參加了一個和外文系合作的資訊科技研討會,來加強我的表達和在team work上研磨自己的個性,在其中我得到很多收穫。




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    Although I do not have much past experience, but in each of the learning, I know their strengths and weaknesses, I am a positive, polite and willing to learn, and I think they need some improvement is not good at words and sometimes too persistent personality, so in the last semester I participated in a cooperative foreign languages ​​and information technology seminars to enhance the expression of my team work on the ground and in their own personality, in which I get a lot of harvest.

    Engaged in the work of the past, the most impressed me is that the teacher recommended to the National Science Club will hold a forum internships, including learning how to communicate effectively with foreigners and help along the process also produced a cultural exchanges, is a great internship experience.

    This year's summer university fourth grade, I started to use holiday to make up English, I hope before graduation can strengthen my English skills, in order to help the future work, does not rule out going abroad to graduate school plans.

    Very pleased to have this opportunity to participate in the job interview, I expect that they can have a good work in the spirit of learning, will be active efforts to do their best work. 關閉

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    Past although I no too more task for experience, but in every time of learning among, I understanding to own of advantages and disadvantages, I is a actively, and has courtesy and Ken learning of people, and I think own need improved of part is does not good words and sometimes too had persistent of personality, so in last semester I participate in has a and foreign Department cooperation of information technology seminar, to strengthening I of expression and in team work Shang grinding own of personality, in which I get many harvest.Are engaged in work in the past, impresses me most is the result of teacher recommendations to national science clubs forum organised by the practice, learn how to do effective communication with foreigners and assistance also arising in the course of cultural exchange, is a great experience.This year four-year university summer vacation, I started to use holiday extra English, want to strengthen my English ability before they graduate, for later work on the help, does not rule out going abroad to graduate.Very happy to have this opportunity to participate in the job interview, I hope they can on this job, has a very good school spirit, will actively strive to do their best work.

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