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so i go tomorrow, aaaaand i dont know if i should lie about marijuana use. Ive used it about 5 times with my friends in the course of a couple months. last time i did was about 3 more
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  • Barry answered 3 years ago
No you're fine. Don't tell them anything.
Been to MEPS 3 times and one word of advice, do not answer yes to anything because you will have to explain and get a written note from a doctor and its just unnecessary bs. Every one in the military has dirty little secrets its not that you are wrong for lying but if you tell them you did and you get DQ'd there goes your military career.

Also you will be asked ALOT of questions on little stuff
Any broken bones? If you broke a finger or a toe say no.
Shortness of breath? Everyone does sometimes but just say no.
Headaches? Everyone gets them just say very rarely.
Drugs? never

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right on man thanks for answering.... everyone for that matter. i really appreciate it.... deleting this question lmao
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    No one can access your medical records without your permission, unless you give them permission and you underwent a drug test while under the influence, the only other way of them finding anything on your drug past, is if you tell them yourself. So be careful what you say.
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  • John answered 3 years ago
    If there is absolutely no evidence to prove that you smoked pot, don't bother telling them.

    I'm not sure how long that stuff stays in your system, though. If you know for sure that it's out, don't tell them.

    And yeah, you might want to delete this question, just to be safe.

    Also, don't worry about minor stuff. Nope, you've never broken a bone, gotten sick, had a headache, etc. I'm not saying that you should lie your *** off, I'm saying that if it was minor/temporary and won't affect your life in any way after it happened, don't bother telling them.



    went to MEPS a month ago.
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  • reyz324 answered 3 years ago
    this is what my recruiter and chief told me, "when you get to meps i want your favorite word to be no" remember no gets you in, yes keeps you out. now that doesnt mean if you have a felony to lie about it because they can find out. but for something like have you smoked pot? if you have never been caught with it/ and or smoking it and its not on your record just say no.
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  • Peanut Palomino answered 3 years ago
    Keep it to yourself.
    They will never find out, so there's no reason to cause problems for yourself.
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  • Danny answered 3 years ago
    ((((((((((((((i suggest you delete this after awhile.))))))))))

    You already told your recruiter you didn't so.... finish what you started man.


    ARMY 92A1
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  • Army Strong answered 3 years ago
    listen bra i was at meps back in April do not and i repeat do not say yes to anything except for **** that will affect you in combat it took a month to get a waiver. I actually just got back from ft Jackson S.C. trust me if you want to pursue a career in the military then follow the KISS method keep it stupid simple. to keep it simple answer NO
    good luck bro
    if you need me email me


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  • Never Quit! answered 3 years ago
    I go friday to meps =]
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  • Mandi answered 3 years ago
    The key question here is: Did you inhale? Just kidding. Look at it like this: If you say 'yes,' then you might be rejected. If you say 'no,' you'll be like all the other liars before you who did 2 to 30 years of military service. This is a very personal question where your integrity and desire for a better life will have to fight it out. Only you can make this call.
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