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what city/street bike should i get?

i am a college student in a rather hilly campus and i enjoy going on long bike rides, during the summer when im home i go on a lot of trails so a bought a specialized crosstrail now i love the bike and am going to keep it but i am looking into buying a lighter bike for those long street rides and getting around campus, i like the flat handlebars and the feel of the crosstrail but i would like it to be lighter and to have a better gear set up for street. i like the idea of a carbon fork also. these are the tree bikes im stuck on, i have test rode the sirrus and the quick and like both of them a lot the quick felt a bit lighter and is a bit cheaper to so i was just looking for opinions and if anyone has any ideas


i don't really care about brand but i would feel so much better about buying a off brand bike it i could test ride it first or something, and the shifters are kinda important to me

Update 4:

ok that make sense only difference i knew is that road bikes have higher gears and are a lot lighter, i found a performance store near where i live, im going to see if i can test ride one this weekend. my only concern is getting use to riding a bike that cant take as much of a beating as my crosstrail can but i cant wait to have it out on the open road

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    Based on the specs I would choose the Trek. The Specialized uses an bit of a strange mix of components and the Trek components are a step above the Cannondale.

    I'm going to make another suggestion if you don't mind a bike without a big brand name. Try this one from Performance, it's their own in-house brand. I bought a Scattante road bike a few years ago when they were sold by Supergo and have been very pleased with it.

    This bike is definitely built for speed with 105 components and even aero spokes. Read some of the customer reviews!


    One thing that stands out here is the two faces of hybrid bikes. The Trek and the Cannondale use mountain bike components, the Fuji and the Scattante use road bike components. All of them are good bikes, so it's difficult saying which one is best.

    My personal preference would be the Scattante, the components are a step up on the Fuji, and I would prefer a bike aimed more at road use. Performance have a fair number of stores so you might find one locally to try the bikes out.

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    A hybrid bike made by Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, or Giant would be an excellent choice.


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