Methadone or Suboxone?

Hello, I am wondering about people's experiences with methadone and suboxone, and any opinions on which would be better for me.

I have been addicted to hydrocodone, then roxycodone, for 5 years. I have tried rehab twice, and gone to NA for awhile. I continuously relapse. Now I am just trying to keep my job and stay in college without going to rehab again after relapsing. I take 3 to 5 roxycodone a day. Get very very sick after going over 12 hours without one, etc. So I'm wondering which would be better? Because there is a treatment center near my house that offers counseling, meetings, therapy, programs, tied in with the choice of methadone or suboxone treatment.

Thank you..

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    Everyone is different. Some swear on methadone while others do much better on Suboxone. Personally I have done great on methadone but never felt right during the month or so I was on suboxone. But then I know people who feel horrible on methadone. Imo, since your use isn't very heavy right now you should try suboxone first. Give it a couple of months. If it isn't working for you you can switch to methadone. It's much easier to switch to methadone from sub than the other way around. There are also benefits with sub that you don't have to come to the clinic every day (although some clinics do require frequent visits but they aren't required to by law as methadone clinics are). Federal law allows doctors that are licensed to prescribe suboxone to give their patients a prescription for 30 days worth of medication right off the bat. With methadone you have to attend the clinic daily for the first 30 days and then you get one take home dose at a time. After about a year you get to come weekly and eventually you can come once a month (some states only allow max bi-weekly takehomes).

    Going to a methadone clinic every day sounds like a real pain, I know, but it's really not that bad and you gain your takehomes quickly. The routine of going to the clinic is also helpful for some people. If sub doesn't work for you methadone is a great alternative.

    One drawback is that suboxone is usually more expensive. It's usually covered by health insurance but if you don't have insurance methadone may be cheaper.

    Please keep in mind that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about methadone and suboxone, especially methadone. People like to tell you what they've heard like it's the absolute truth. It rarely is so take what you hear with a grain of salt. One example of a common misconception is the one mentioned above, that methadone is so hard to get off. There is some truth to that but those who use it as an argument against methadone don't understand the treatment. Methadone withdrawal is like any opiate withdrawal for the most part. One thing that sets it apart is that it lasts much longer because methadone is a long acting drug. But this is just an issue if you get off cold turkey and that is never the intention with the treatment. Whether you stay on methadone for a short time or a long time the idea is always to taper slowly so that you don't experience withdrawal symptoms. The same is true for suboxone. Suboxone will also cause bad withdrawals like any opiate but if it's tapered you shouldn't have any significant symptoms. If you do it correctly you should be fine.

    One thing that is important to know with both medications that a lot of people don't understand is how super important a correct dose is. A lot of people stay on a low dose because they think it's better but that's a huge mistake. If you take too little it won't work and you will continue to have cravings and often relapse. A correct dose is different for everyone. But it should be a dose that keeps all withdrawal symptoms away for at least 24 hours and that completely eliminates your cravings and desire to use opiates. You could put me in a room full of dope right now and I wouldn't touch it because I don't want it. But if I wasn't on methadone I would be using the dope before I knew it. That's why methadone and suboxone works - it removes your desire to use, not only the physical withdrawal symptoms.

    Once you reach a dose that will "hold you" for 24 hours you will normally have to go up a bit more until you reach the correct dose that removes the cravings. The average correct dose for methadone is 80-120mg but some need much more and some need less. Just don't worry about staying on a low dose for the heck of it. A good suboxone dose is usually over 8mg. Just focus on how you feel. It may take a while to get there but you will.

    Some people think it's best to taper as soon as possible. That's also a mistake. The longer you are in treatment the better. At least 2 years are recommended. Many need much more than that and some need to take medication for life.

    I wish you the best of luck. You'll be amazed at how good you feel once you no longer have to use drugs and can feel normal and live a normal life.

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    Methadone is a ******* joke. It kills more people than heroin now.... at least where I live. The stupid doctors dont even tell you that mixing anti-depressants and methadone will KILL YOU....aswell as all the other bad drug interactions. Ive been on suboxone and it has been great....its weird, the less of it you take the more effective it is! Its extremely easy to lower your dose AND it makes you feel the drug more! I dont know about coming off of it though, I'm on a low dose so I dont think it will be too rough...I heard it gets kinda tuff when you get below an eigth of a pill/strip...but if you start taking it every other day than every 3 days the withdrawls are very very mild if you do it right.

    Ohh and dont believe what the doctors tell you about suboxone, even though I still think its a great medicine....the company completely lies about how to use it. The less you take the MORE effective it will be. You can start taking 3 pills/strips and eventually it will feel like you are taking nothing and will wake up with withdrawls in the morning. They tell you to take so much because they want to sell more of it, and if the doctor told you the most effective way to take it is to take like a quarter or half a pill they would make barely any money. Also if you want to save money you can snort it, with the same effects as taking it under the tongue....snorting it mixed with water give you 60% of the drug while as under the tongue only gives you about half that. Also the whole Narcan in it thing is a complete joke, they put it in their to make it appear safer...the narcan is such a small amount that it doesnt even absorb into your body under the tongue.....its the actual opiate(beupinorphine) that prevents you from getting really high off other opiates.

    I think suboxone is a wonderful medicine for some people, I just think there are a lot of lies out there about it to help the company make more money. Dont always trust your doctor....a lot of them dont give a **** about you and just want your cash. search around for a good sub doctor and dont get ripped off.

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    I have been in a methadone clinic for 3 1/2 years. I, like you, tried rehab many times before I went to the clinic, I also tried suboxone. For me the methadone worked better, it seemed to help alot more with the cravings and it blocks opiates for more than 24 hours like suboxone. Not that suboxone doesn't work for people my friend was on suboxone for 2 years and stayed clean that whole time, but struggled for a time after she got off. That could happen with both though. It is true that methadone withdrawls are horrid, but only if you are going cold turkey, not if you are reducing your dose like you are supposed to do. I would suggest the methadone because as a whole I've seen it work better for most people.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I was addicted to vicodin for 12 years and i tryed na, i tryed rehabs, i relapsed everytime,I lost jobs and boyfriends, lost all my familys trust, facked pain at ERS for pain meds finally a doc at one of the ers busted me and came in with a paper with all the emergency rooms i have been at in the last 2 years, he said if i dont get some help he will turn me in for pharmacy fraud. so i looked into a methadone treatment program, i have been on it for 3 years now and i must say its magic, i love it i delivered 2 babies healthy on methadone, i am able to hold a job and i am going to college. The first day i had no withdrawls, i got high off it for the first month cause you have to up it to adjust the dose thats right for you.I am on 134mg i am going to be here awhile cause i have such a high dose from the kids i had. plus i can only drop 2mg a week which is cool cause i wouldnt drop more than that anyway,ya know.. Hey man good luck, i happy to hear that your trying, i have alot of friends still stuck in a tough spot and it breaks my heart

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  • 8 years ago

    Suboxone saved my live it gets you back to normal in ten minutes, where methadone will keep you craving. I was addicted to opiates as well and tried methadone but it made everything worse. Than started Suboxone and the first dose kicks in within 5 minutes and that normal feeling is back. Seriously do Subs but only if you are really REALLY ready to quit.

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  • 8 years ago

    It is my understanding that withdraws from Methadone are even worse than if you were withdrawing from heroin, which is much worse than withdrawing from Hydrocodone etc. I believe you go on the Suboxone and the doctors will gradually taper you off so you don't get sick and your body no longer physically requires the drug. That's my take on it. You may want to get some brochures or info from the clinic if you can.

  • 8 years ago

    Methadone, definitely.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    killed my bro..

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