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A collection agency threatened to come to my residence to resolve the matter, is this legal?

A man from ALLIED COLLECTION SERVICE INC. left a message saying that he needed me to call him to resolve the matter without him coming to my residence. What should I do about this jerk?

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    Hi, 'Collection agents or agencies in Nevada have the right to contact borrowers within the state by phone, mail, or fax, under the oversight of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions in the state'.


    The laws say nothing about their ability to come to your home. That would be considered harassment. You can also, under Nevada law, send a cease and desist letter to the company if you feel they are harassing you.


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    If you are in the US, this is not legal. Debt collectors are governed by the Federal Trade Commission and you can read up on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here:

    Just because you owe money does not mean that people get to threaten you.

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    sure, it particularly is illegitimate....they do no longer care. you're coping with the very lowest kind of pond scum in the international. no person, yet no person however the D.A. can subject criminal rates against you. purely carry-up on the jerk. substitute your quantity, call block, something. To hell with them. meanwhile, get 3 area time jobs and get those scum out of your existence. warning: do no longer below ANY situation, supply them digital get entry to on your financial business enterprise account or a submit-dated verify or a verify over the telephone. no remember how plenty they cry or scream. in the event that they say they gained't take an in one day verify or funds order, then carry-up returned. in the event that they ever receive your checking account they'll EMPTY it. At worst, open yet another account with the best volume you will settle for and supply them that verify quantity. you're fidgeting with a stay snake, take care to no longer get bitten.

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    Pay your bill before your credit is ruined or you are sued.

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    ummm take responsibility for the bill you owe? just a thought..

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    Pay your debt, and he will go away.

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