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Will Naruto, Bleach, One piece and other ongoing mangas/anime ever end?

Alot of fans i know alot love naruto, bleach, and one peice. But they gone on for a very very long time. Will they ever end? I mean arent the manga artist like kubo and masashi tired? Masashi always wanted to work on other mangas such as a mafia manga. And kubo wants to finish Zombie Powder which he promised he would work on one day again when he decides the right time to. Even for one peice, i bet oba would want it to end soon but animes and stories has to have an ending right? Stuff like this that goes ongoing with the same repeat where the main character gets over powerd kill the main bad guy and a new bad guy comes and kills the bad guy and a new bad guy comes. I sometimes think as how pokemon was GREAT back then but from others they said the show and anime sucks alot now. And no one barely watches it anymore. Does anyone agree, when would these actually end? If they continue and the creators comes up with more more villans for it i dont see it ending for a while..i really want to know..:( opinions please?

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  • 9 years ago
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    disclaimer : I've never really read any anime / manga, altho' I've done some research for Qs asked on

    Y!A. But I love to read other stuff ....

    My take is that as long as there are "enough" readers to justify the expenses in terms of time, effort, money ie as long as the investment is profitable, the writers keep writing the series [or films keeping sprouting new sequels, or tv serials keeping going in for a new season, ...]. Who wants to change a winning formula !

    That is the nature of the beast, so to say - both the writer And the reader get caught up in the cycle & it becomes difficult to end.

    JK Rowling has so far stuck to her limit of Harry Potter books, altho' she too succumbed to some "exclusives", etc.

    Sometimes, it is the publisher/publishing house that 'compels' or urges the writer to continue, based on the response.

    After all, there are always new generations of readers who may like it.

    And sometimes it also becomes a Comfort Zone for the writer. The basics & groundwork have already been done, & 'accepted' by readers. All they need to do is bring in a couple of new characters, tweak the plot a bit, ....and the "show goes on".

    To start a whole New series takes a lot of time, effort, thought, ideas, changes, ....

    If the writer continues to work on the earlier series, s/he lacks the time & motivation to start Afresh.

    Personally, be it a series in any kind of format [tv show, film, books, ....], I think the golden rule is to Stop when people Still want more rather than when people have had enough [[ this is the golden rule applicable to eating ;-) ]]. Quit at the top ! Problem is, we rarely Know When/where the top is ;-))

    Good Question :-)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'll stick to the artists Masashi Kishimoto, Tite Kubo, and eichiro Oda. dunno if i spelled them correctly but--they do seem long don't they? What I believe, is that they want continue their stories for the readers. Bleach doesn't seem like it'll end for another year or so as well as One Piece. But Naruto is planned to end very soon. I think that these manga artists want to create the best possible story for the best possible end. Sure it feels continuous, but they want to be a model for the readers/watchers. They want to leave their names here on the manga/anime world. In some cases maybe they are still working to help themselves safe enough financially for retirement.

    In manga I bet at the level they are at, they aren't tired at all. Probably very excited to plan the next story, to see more games evolving from their works, or maybe hoping for a movie offer.

    Of course, even if they are tired they can't just drop the story where it is now (it would leave a pretty bad mark in their reputation as manga artists)

    And BTW this is based on opinion. i'm not sure what is really going on in their minds, but its what I feel.

    Source(s): staple. and my thoughts.
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  • 9 years ago

    yeah, i know what you mean. sometimes, it feels like they would never end. but i guess i also enjoy it that way because if it ends, i'll feel real sad. not that i like Bleach or Naruto, One Piece is okay, it's fun to read. but i know that if my favorite series, such as D.Gray Man or 1/2 Prince are going to end, it'll almost be the end of the world for me, even though it's such a pain to wait for each chapter to come every months. i mean, it's natural to think of what'll happen afterward, right?

    i think bleach, naruto, one piece will eventually end. maybe in ten years or so or the authors could just drag it on 'til they die and the books won't have an ending.

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